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Cursive Alphabet Worksheets

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Are you teaching your kids cursive?  Need some cursive worksheets?  I think it is still really important for kids to learn how to write in cursive, despite the controversy over this topic. I’ll tell you a few reasons why in a minute, but first I want to show you my printable cursive alphabet worksheets. (Also check out my cursive letter tracing cards.)

I currently have two kids working on learning/perfecting their cursive letters and wanted them to have more practice than what was offered in their workbooks. We have been using Zaner-Bloser for handwriting & like it a lot.  We have also loved the Handwriting Without Tears program. However, I feel like they just really need lots of practice with their cursive. I decided to make these printable cursive alphabet worksheets to give them that extra practice. (So, why not make it for all of you lovely people to use, too?)  Now I can print these cursive worksheets off anytime my kids need a little more work on any of their letters.

cursive alphabet worksheets


These cursive alphabet worksheets have all of the letters with a page for each one. Each page has two lines of the capital letter and two lines of the lower-case letter.

Want to Print the Cursive Alphabet Worksheets?

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Why I Think We Should Still Teach Cursive:

  •  It is good for our brains! Cursive improves cognitive development, motor skills and even reading comprehension!
  •  So kids will know how to sign their name. Signatures are required on things all the time. Everyone needs to know how to write theirs!
  • It connects us to our past. All of the old historical papers and documents were written in cursive. Even letters from parents and grandparents are often written in cursive. Learning to read and write it will help people to be able to read and understand these things.
  • It helps people with learning disorders or brain injuries. Writing and reading cursive uses a different part of the brain. Because of this it makes it possible for people with dyslexia or other disabilities to still be able to read or write proficiently.
  • Cursive is so pretty! I love how it looks ~ it can truly be an art form!
  • It is easier for some people. My son has terrible handwriting. However, when he writes in cursive, it is much easier to read. I think some people just prefer it.

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  1. Why are people these days making capital A look simply like a scaled version of small a!!! All the natural elegance of it is simply lost. If you need the correct font, Cursif (and Cursif & Lignes) is one – where letters are beautifully interconnected with each other in the correct flow and with the right shape.

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