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Beginning Reading Game: Roll, Read, Write

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Time to play a fun little build-a-word beginning reading game we call Roll, Read, Write.

This idea comes from the awesome new book just out called Busy Bags Kids Will Love by Sara McClure, a fellow blogging friend over at Happy Brown House. This book is packed full of 52 ideas for quiet boxes, bags and bins to keep kids busy!  We love stuff like this, so I was excited for the chance to share this book with you. (I received a free copy in exchange for this post.)

Roll- Read - Write reading game


How to Make the Roll- Read- Write Beginning Reading Game:

Use three wooden blocks and paint them three different colors. Once the paint is dry, write letters on the blocks with a permanent marker.

Write consonants on two of the blocks and on the center block write vowels.

I created a printable page to use along with the game, that you can download for free.  However, you could also do it on any piece of paper, or on a dry erase board as she recommends in the book.  If you use the the printable page, outline the squares using markers that match the three paint colors.

Roll-Read-Write: reading & spelling game for kids

How to Play Read- Roll- Write:

To play, roll the three dice and line them up in the squares by color. Read the word out loud. Write the word on the lines.  Decide if it is a really word or a silly (nonsense) word. Check the box for real word or silly word.

Reading Spelling Game for Kids


Want to download this printable?  DOWNLOAD NOW!


Looking for more busy bag ideas?  Then definitely check out this Busy Bags book!  This is just one of the many fun ideas for preschoolers!  Also, if you purchase the book and forward your receipt to sara@happybrownhouse.com, she will send you a free printable that goes with an activity in the book.  You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Indiebound.

I also have another post full of busy bag ideas that you may also like!






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