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Printable Math Dominoes – Addition, Subtraction

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We love dominoes and play with them often in our house. They are so much fun and teach kids great math skills int he process. I have been working hard on a set of printable math dominoes that can be used to practice addition, subtraction or even multiplication! Or, you could just use them to play regular dominoes. I think having a small printable set could be great in classroom settings, to save space, or even to use in the car.

Math Dominoes

How to Use the Math Dominoes

These printable math dominoes have 22 pages of dominoes!   They are larger than traditional dominoes and cover the numbers 0-9. There is a full set with an addition sign in the center, a full set with a subtraction sign in the center and a full set of regular dominoes to be used in any way.

Printable Math Dominoes

The Math Dominoes set also includes a page to use for completing the math problems. I laminated ours and use it with a dry erase marker making it re-usable. We love using fun colors of card stock paper, to print them!

hands-on math- printable dominoes

Watch us play!

Want to Print This Math Dominoes Set?

These printable math dominoes are available in my shop. Grab them here!

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This is part of my 5-Days of Hands-on Math Activities series. Want to see more fun math play?  Check them all out! Also see my post on 60 Elementary Hands-On Math  Activities! 

Hands-on Math

History of Dominoes:

Did you know that dominoes originated in the 1300’s in China?  They are one of the oldest games and were originally made from bone, wood or ivory. They were originally used in place of throwing 2 six-sided dice. The word domino means dotted cards. We have The dots on the dominoes are called pips.

Dominoes can be played in many different ways, from setting them up in rows and knocking them over, to games where you match up the numbers in a train.

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I hope you’ll enjoy playing math with your kids!





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  1. Just found your site!! I homeschooled my two olders (now ages 22 7 24) from K-12 and have been homeschooling again with my youngers (gave birth again at age 40 and 42) who are ages 7 and 5. I love all the hands on printables you have come up with! I did all that with my olders, but didn’t save any of it since I didn’t know I was going to be doing it all over again! I’m a tired momma (but much more patient), and this is a perfect site for me to just pick and print with out having to spend hours preparing again. Thanks!

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