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Origami Basketball Math Game

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With March Madness coming soon, I thought I would put together a fun little basketball learning activity.  We played this Origami Basketball Math Game this week and my kids had so much fun with it!


How to Make the Origami Basketball Hoops

Watch instructions here or read them below:

These origami basketball hoops are really fun and easy to make!

Step 1- Cut a regular sheet of paper down to a square size.

Step 2- Fold it into thirds. I did this by measuring about 2.8 inches from either side.

Step 3- Fold each of those folds in half again.

Step 4- Fold the top right corner over to the left. Unfold and repeat on the other side.

Step 5- Fold from the top down through the point where the last folds met.

Step 6- Not necessary, but if you want to draw a net, use a ruler to draw lines across the top section of your paper.

Step 7- Push in the two sides of the horizontal crease and fold it down.

Step 8- Tuck the two corners into each other to make the net.

Step 9- Fold in the two sides to make the net stand up.

Step 10- make some small crumpled pieces of paper for the actual basketballs.

Now it’s time to test it out & play!

Make it into a Basketball Math Game!

Give each person several balls of paper to use to shoot. Sit on opposite sides of each other and toss to the net on the opposite side of them. Have them keep track of how many shots they make and how many they miss. They can keep a little tally of each.  Have kids figure out the fractions and the percentages of the shots they make and don’t make.

march madness math

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  1. I purchased your math/art book on Amazon because I’m trying to make hybrid teaching as fun and engaging as possible. I’m really excited to use it and just wanted to say thanks!

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