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Fun Math Game: The Great Graphing Race

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Today is day five of my hands-on math games and activities series and today’s post is a new favorite for my kids. We played a game that I named the Graphing Race.

Math Game- the graphing race

How To Play the Graphing Race:

We have a jumbo roll of graph paper that we love. We used this for our game, but you could do it on a small scale with regular graph paper, too.

graphing race math game

Each of the players chose a different color of marker to use. We also used a ruler, a coin and a die.

Choose a starting square in the center of the edge of the graph paper. Each player takes a turn. On your turn you roll the die and flip the coin. Heads you move up and tails you move down the number of spaces you roll on the die.  You continue moving this way until you get to the other side of the graph paper. The first one there wins.

graphing game math activity

We moved diagonally up and down through the squares. However, if you reach the top or the bottom of the paper, you can continue to go straight across until you reach the end of the paper.  The ruler is not essential but helps kids to draw straight lines across the graph.

Once our game was over, my kids decided it was so neat looking that they wanted to turn it into art!  I love what they did with it.

graph paper art

If you want to see another cool use for the roll of graph paper read my Area and Perimeter City post.

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