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Choose Your Adventure Writing Prompts

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My son and I have been writing a choose your adventure story together this week for school. This is such a fun creative writing activity and I have even included a FREE printable set of writing prompts to help you do it at home.  (Updated- we did this many years ago & have redone it with new images. The kids STILL love it!)


Choose Your Adventure Writing Prompts

How We Used the Choose Your Adventure Writing Prompts:

We decided our story would be about heroes, but you could choose anything, really. We wrote about 10 heroes or awesome people on little slips of paper and put them into a bowl.

choose adventure story

Next, we decided on three other categories: locations, villains (of course!), and catastrophes/disasters that the heroes would solve.

Each category got its own bowl. Then, we chose one paper from each bowl and began writing our story using the writing prompts we chose.

Creative Writing- Choose Your Own Adventure

We were the charatcers in the story- along with the chosen hero & villain. My son (who is only 6-years-old) illustrated the story & we both chose what would happen, while I wrote for him.

He is not terribly comfortable writing his own story yet, so I wrote what he told me.  Older kids could easily do this on their own, though.  It ended up being a lot of fun. I think we will continue using these choose your adventure writing prompts with many more heroes & villains then make it into a little book.

I made our writing prompts into a simple printable for you to save you some work!

Want to download a copy of the Choose Your Adventure Writing Prompts?  —–>  DOWNLOAD NOW!

What fun writing ideas have you tried to mix things up and make writing more interesting?  We also have had a LOT of fun with our Story Starter Blocks.

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