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Draw and Write: Creative Writing for Kids

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Creative writing is a skill that kids can learn. But lots of kids need a nudge to get their ideas flowing. If you are looking for new fun ways to introduce creative writing to kids, you will definitely want to read on.

Draw and Write Creative Writing for Kids

Why Creative Writing is Important:

Writing helps kids learn basic writing skills: spelling, punctuation, sentence formation, and writing a paragraph. But, beyond the basics of writing it is also great in other ways. Writing stories is a great way for kids to express themselves. In most of their school work they do not really get this chance. Creative writing has no right or wrong, it is all about what they think and feel. It is all left up to their imagination!  That’s the fun and the beauty of it! They are in charge!

Yes, they have to follow a few basic grammar rules, but that can even be overlooked a bit if you really just want kids to write in a stress-free way. Sometimes that is really important for the non-writers, those that really resist it. I have a son who really fought against writing. When I took away the pressure of perfection (spelling, grammar, proper letter formation) he grew to LOVE writing, and most of those details fell into place with time.

What’s Included in the Draw and Write Creative Writing Printable?

These adorable Draw and Write Creative Writing pages are so much fun for elementary-aged kids. This printable set includes 15 pages of creative titles and pictures that are sure to help kids come up with a story or idea. But, it also gives space for drawing out their story as well. There is a fun little picture to get them started, but they can add to it and make it uniquely their own.

draw and write creative writing


How to Download the Draw & Write Creative Writing Printable:

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