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Spelling & Sight Word Hunt: Easter Learning Game

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Oh, how we love to play learning games around in this house. Since it is Easter time, I decided to make a new and easy Easter learning game for my kids. We did a fun spelling & sight word game with our Easter eggs today.  This idea can also be used this as a math learning game, too!

spelling sight words egg hunt

How to Create the Easter Learning Game

To create this Easter learning game, you’ll just need a few supplies:  Plastic Easter eggs, Letter Tiles (or write out the letters on small paper scraps) & Number Tiles.

I filled the eggs with letter tiles to spell out my words. I made two different baskets- one for my son in 2nd grade with his words, and one with sight words that my kindergartner is learning to read.  They each hid the other’s eggs in a different room and took turns searching for them.

We use our tub of plastic letter tiles for so many activities! (See some of my spelling mats for more ideas on how to use these letter tiles: Click Clack Moo: Farm Words Spelling Mats)

Once the eggs were all found, they opened them and tried to figure out which words the letters spelled. This required a little bit of unscrambling (egg pun intended!)  They wrote their words out on paper after they figured them out. See, this sneaks in some handwriting practice, too!

easter learning game spelling


My kids really loved this fun game! It was a great change of pace from our normal learning activities.

spelling words easter egg hunt

This Easter learning game can also easily be used as a math game. I did a batch of math problems for my son in the eggs, too!

We have some milk cap numbers that I posted about here. Or use the letter tiles I linked above!  I put 2 random numbers in each egg.  Then he had the choice to add them or subtract them. For older kids it could be a multiplication problem, too.

easter egg math hunt

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  1. This is so much fun – we’ve just discovered Easter Egg Hunts and need to find some plastic eggs (not common in the UK we normally have chocolate ones).

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots and just to let you know that I will be featuring this over on Rainy Day Mum this week.

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