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Count Your Dots- Multiplication Card Game

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I have a fun multiplication card game to show you today!

My 7-year-old is beginning to learn a  little multiplication right now. One of my favorite ways to help my kids learn new math concepts is through games. To help her grasp the concept, we played a little multiplication card game called Count Your Dots.

To play this multiplication game you need a deck of playing cards with the face cards taken out. Leave in the Aces to act as ones. You can choose to start with just smaller numbers to make it easier for beginners if you want. You will also need a paper and a pen or marker.

Multiplication Card Game- Count Your Dots

To play this multiplication game, have your child choose 2 cards from the deck. They will then use the two cards to draw lines. One card you will draw the lines going horizontally and the other card you will draw going vertically crossing over the first lines forming a grid.

Your child will then make a dot at all of the intersecting points of the lines and count them up. This will be their score for that turn. For example, if they choose the cards with the numbers 4 and 5 on them, there will be four lines in on direction and five going the other direction. This will make 20 intersecting points, so 4×5=20.

Multiplication Game

Take turns playing and adding up your points as you go. The one with the most points after a predetermined number of rounds is the winner! It is simple and a fun way for kids to begin to understand how multiplying works. This is a great way for a child to figure out a difficult multiplication problem they may be struggling with as well.

Card game to practice math

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  1. Thank you for this game idea. I am a 2nd year homeschooler mother of one and she is in the 4th grade and remembering multiplication has been a little difficult but this game will surely help. It is interactive and it uses items we already have at home.

  2. i would like to view your lesson plan for this activity. I think this would be fun for my first graders. We are learning multiplation. we are using smaller numbers. How do you play this game for Division? thank you nita

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