Array Multiplication Grid Game with Graph Paper

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Are your kids learning multiplication facts? One of my kids is in the beginning stages of learning times tables at our house. We played a fun little array multiplication grid game recently that helped teach the concept really well.

This game is easy and cheap to put together. You may already have the supplies available.

array Multiplication grid game from Teach Beside Me

What is Array Multiplication?

The multiplication grid game is a great game for teaching about array multiplication. Array multiplication is when you arrange objects, pictures, or numbers into columns and rows, for instance three rows of four apples.

Arrays are so useful when trying to teach multiplication concepts. We like to use small objects- counting bears, beads, mini erasers, or pennies to help teach this concept, too.

This game is a simple & easy way to teach array multiplication through using graph paper.

How to Play the Multiplication Grid Game:


To play the multiplication grid game, you will need 1 sheet of graph paper (laminate it if you want to make it reusable), 1 pair of dice, and some dry-erase markers. Optional for kids new to multiplication, give kids a multiplication table to help them get the totals.

It can be played with 2-4 players.

array multiplication-game
We each had a different color dry erase marker so we could tell which space was marked by each person.  We rolled the pair of dice, multiplied the two numbers, and marked out the area of what we rolled.  For example: If a 2 and a 4 are rolled, you would color in the area of 2×4.  You also have to solve the problem as you color it in.
array multiplication
You can color them all in or put a box around your area.
math array multiplication game with graph paper
We kept playing and multiplying until we ran out of room on our paper.  Then if you want to declare winners, see who covered in the most space, or you could have the first person who can’t color in their roll be the loser.   (We had a third player join in half way through the game, that’s why some pink showed up later!)
array multiplication grid game with graph paper
Such an easy and fun way to practice multiplication, right?!
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  1. We’ve done a version of that game, but not as comprehensively as what you describe. I think that’s a really great way to make it a real game — to cover as much area as you can, and you can also see how the different areas interact with each other. Adding colors is always a bonus!

    We also do tons of skip counting. My kid is in a weird place — she’s still learning her addition facts (first grade-ish skill) but also thinking multiplicatively. We’ve done some work deconstructing the 100’s chart, but although I’d like to move on to finding patterns in the times tables, I’m holding off until her mental addition is really strong.

  2. I really like this idea. It would also be useful in thinking of area and perimeter. What if you role a 6 and 4, but instead of filling in a 6×4 array, you were allowed to fill in an area of 24 or a shape with a perimeter of 24.

    Thank you for posting this idea. We all learn from sharing ideas.

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