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How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller ~ or Cootie Catcher

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Remember paper fortune tellers? They are also called cootie catchers; that’s what I called them as a kid. But both names mean the same thing. Want to learn how to make a fortune teller?

I used to love making them the I was younger. We used them to tell our fortune- like who we were going to marry.  Of course all of those fortunes came true 😉 Now, I love making cootie catchers with my kids!

how to make a fortune teller or cootie catcher


Our local school supply store gave out a summer learning packet when I went in recently. They had a cute idea that I made for my kids. It’s a cootie catcher already printed that has a list of words that the kids have to put into alphabetical order. When you open the flap, it has them in the correct order for them.

I made it & was reminded that I love cootie catchers. It got me thinking, though… you could really use them to teach anything to your kids. I decided to try some fun games with them.


How to Use a Cootie Catcher (or Fortune Teller) for Teaching

  • You could use them to practice reading sight words. Write the different words inside & have your child practice reading the one chosen.
  • States & capitols- write the capitol inside the flap- open to see the answer.
  • Vocab words- definition inside, or vice versa.
  • Foreign language vocab
  • Word families, or rhyming words
  • Math games- have numbers & they have to add, subtract, multiply the ones chosen, or make them into fractions…
  • Story starters- write beginnings of sentance, silly words or phrases.
  • Learning colors, shapes, letters, etc…

The possibilities are endless! I would love to know any more ideas you have to use them.


How to Make a Fortune Teller

Never made one, or can’t remember how? Follow my step-by-step teaching you how! They are quite easy. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be making them all of the time.

Watch instructions here or follow the little picture guide in the template!

Make them extra colorful with our favorite neon colored paper.

how to make a fortune teller cootie catcher

Download my template showing How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher!


We make paper fortune tellers all of the time at our house. We make them when we are bored and waiting for something with spare pieces of paper that we have lying around. We make them in church to entertain my kids quietly, and we make them at home for fun and educational purposes. What do you like to do with yours?

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  1. Thank you for this Karyn!!! I have been wondering and remembering these things for years but couldn’t for the life of me recall what they’re called! I happened to accidentally come across it and looking it up found your awesome post on them! I just made my first one in 20+ yrs! I will be making many more with the kids with your great ideas and suggestions!!!!

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