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Ducks or Rabbits? Spring Illusion Craft

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Ducks or rabbits?  Sometimes you can’t tell.  Learn about a fun book, and craft that are an illusion!  These awesome Spring or Easter themed activities will delight kids!
I have two fun things for you today: a fun spring bunny and duck craft, and an Easter science experiment. Both were a huge hit ar our house!  I hope you will like them, too!
rabbits or ducks craft for Spring
Have you seen this cute story book called Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld? It is so funny. We got it from the library today and loved it.  It is an optical illusion and in the book they are arguing over whether or not it is a duck or a rabbit.
duck rabbit book


Have you ever seen this optical illusion?  Do you see a duck or a rabbit?


To go along with this fun book, we did a few other Spring and Easter related projects.

Bunny Rabbit and Duck Spring Craft for Kids

rabbits and ducks craft for Spring
Here is a fun little Spring craft that goes along perfectly with the Duck! Rabbit! book. One side of this craft is a bunny rabbit and the other side is a duck, but they are the same shape.  It’s a cool little optical illusion craft.

ducks or rabbits illusion craft

You can print out the bunny and duck template on one piece of card stock, or on two pieces of regular paper. The printable template includes one with a poem and one that is blank.

This printable has a cute little poem on it.

I’m a little bunny
But you’re in luck,
Just turn me over
And now I’m a duck!

bunny or duck?  Spring craft for kids

To make this you decorate one side to look like a rabbit and the other side to look like a duck.  We used a little yellow feather for the duck’s wing and a little puff ball for the bunny’s tail.

Cut around the template and glue them together (if you printed two of them).

We attached a craft stick to it so you can hold it and easily turn it from one side to the other.  Put this between the two layers, or tape it to one side if you printed just one.

rabbits or ducks spring craft for kids

Now turn it around and show it off to your friends and family!

ducks or rabbits spring illusion craft


Download the Ducks or Rabbits template now!

Now for Some Easter Science

We did a simple little experiment with marshmallow peeps.

Spring Easter Science

What happens when you put Peeps in the microwave?   We microwaved them for 20 seconds and watched them grow larger as the time went on.
Why does this happen?
The water molecules in the marshmallow peep heat up and soften the sugar. Heat from the water molecules warms the air bubbles in the Peep. They expand and bounce around inside the marshmallow. Since the sugar walls are softened, these growing air molecules make the marshmallow puff up.
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  1. I love that book! I pretty much love anything by Amy Krouse Rosenthal- one of my new faves! Your craft to accompany it is awesome! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up at we teach: we’re bloggers.

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