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Easter Egg Pom-Pom-Poppers

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Want to learn how to make this simple Easter Egg pom-pom popper craft with your kids? This is such a fun play activity. It is so easy to make and you only need three things to make it.

Easter Egg Pom-Pom Poppers- Easter Craft for Kids

How to Make the Easter Egg Pom-Pom Poppers:

You will need Jumbo plastic Easter EggsPom-Poms and Bendy Straws. You’ll also need a drill or other sharp object to make the holes in the eggs a little larger.

easter egg craft- homemade toy

Start by separating the eggs if they are attached together. I cut them with scissors. You will just use the bottom half of the egg for this project.

Turn the egg pieces over and find the holes on the bottom. Plastic Easter eggs already have holes.  You will use one of the existing holes and drill through it to make it big enough to fit the straw through. Only drill through one hole. Since the holes are already there, it is easy to drill through! If you don’t have a drill, an ice pick or a screw driver would also likely work.

Once the hole is made, stick the straw through the hole- the bent section of the straw.

easter craft- easter egg pom-pom-poppers

Then you just place the pom-pom into the egg and blow the straw hard and fast and the pom-pom will fly out!

easter craft for kids


Watch this video to see how to make the easter egg pom-pom poppers and see the pom-poms fly out of our eggs!


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