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How to Build a Lego Wall with Mayka Tape

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Want your own LEGO wall for your kids to build on? We absolutely love building with LEGO’s around here and have a great new way to do it now with the amazing lego compatible  Mayka Toy Block Tape by ZURU. You can build a lego wall that is completely removable with this tape.  Build sideways and upside down with this fun LEGO tape! It completely transforms any surface into a building site for legos or any other compatible building bricks. The cool thing about this tape is that you really can put it ANYWHERE.  It can even go around corners! And you can easily cut it down to smaller shapes and sizes.

How to build a lego wall with mayka tape

How to Make a Lego Wall with LEGO Tape

With Father’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect activity for fathers to do with their kids.  Does your husband love building with LEGOS like mine does?  To build our Lego wall, we applied our Mayka LEGO tape to it in strips making one large area because my son wanted a large building space to make towers and cities.  Since the tape is removable, if you make a mistake in your placement, or want to put it in a new place, you can easily peel it off and replace it. It does peel paint off when left on for a while, just a little warning. That’s why I chose to do it on a piece of bead board. That can be moved to different rooms, too!


My husband and my son had a great time building their brick city together on the LEGO wall!

lego wall tape


I picked some of this LEGO tape up for my son for Christmas this past year. He has been building with his Mayka tape on his dresser and LOVES it so much. So I was happy to have an opportunity to share a product I already love!

build a lego wall

The Mayka tape comes in two widths (2-stud and 4-stud) and various lengths. We got a variety of sizes and colors from Mayka to try out. My son couldn’t wait for Dad to come home from work, so he built the LEGO wall all on his own and had it ready for when Dad came home!

lego tape wall

How to Use the LEGO Tape

To use it you literally just open the package, peel off the backing and stick to the place where you want to play. Kids can do this all on their own! It is recommended that you not use it on painted walls just to protect the painted surface.

You can see my son’s rough cutting sections, but you can piece it all together and it works great! Just make sure you line up the studs for building.

removable lego tape wall

Have you tried this fun LEGO tape yet?  I highly recommend it. And if you have a father who loves building, this would be a great gift for Father’s day!

Find Mayka World online for more creative building ideas: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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