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Letter of the Week: Preschool Letter K Activities

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Oh, Happy Day! It’s time for the Letter K!  It’s time for the letter of the week and today I have a bundle of preschool Letter K activities and ideas. Some ideas for a preschool letter K theme include: Kangaroo, Kiss, Keys, Kite, King, Kitten, Koala, Kick, Kayak, Karate, Ketchup, Kids, Kiwi (bird or fruit), Kettle, Keyboard, Knife, Knit, Knot, Kazoo, Knight, Knead, Kitchen, Korea, Kindergarten, Kingfisher. Or you could do a whole theme about me- KARYN! 😉

Preschool Letter K Activity Pack

Preschool Letter K Activities

Each week I bring you the letter of the week printable pack. This printable letter k activity pack includes 19 pages of letter k ideas. You can use them to create your letter of the week lesson plans. They have letter tracing, cutting, dot marker pages, letter matching, letter puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dots, and more!

Preschool Letter K Books

Pick up some preschool letter K themed books. Here is a great big list for you to choose from on a variety of topics. Hopefully you will find something that fits your needs or is already in your library!

preschool letter K books

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
The King, The Mice and the Cheese by Nancy Gurney
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle
The Shy Little Kitten by Cathleen Schurr
A Blessing From Above by Patti Henderson
Pouch by David Ezra Stein
The Koala Who Could by Jim Field
King Arthur’s Very Great Grandson by Kenneth Kraegel
Curious George Flies a Kite by H. A. Rey
Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand
Kylie Kangaroo’s Karate Kickers by Barbara deRubertis
K is for Kindergarten by Erin Dealey
K is for Kick: A Soccer Alphabet by Brad Herzog
Living in South Korea by Chloe Perkins
Kiwi Simile by M. C. McNellis
The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie DePaola

Preschool Letter K Craft: K is for Karate

Preschool letter k craft- k is for karate

Easily turn a letter K into a kicking karate person. You just need markers or crayons, ribbon and glue.

Preschool Letter K Snack: K is for Kiwi Kabob

Preschool Letter K snack- K is for kiwi kabob

I love this simple and healthy snack to go with the letter K. It is pretty self explanatory, but, what I did was cut 2 skewers down to make a k shape. Then I filled them with kiwi fruit and other colorful fruit combinations to make a kiwi kabob!

Want to download the Preschool Letter K Printable Activities?

This is available in my shop as part of my Letter of the Week Bundles. Want to test it out first?  Letter A is always free.

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