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Play Dough Valentine Printable

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Looking for a unique and cute play dough valentine printable for your kids?  Look no further!  These cute play-doh valentines are sure to excite your little ones!  These DIY cards even come with Valentine’s Day playdough mats!  Play dough is a fun way to make your Valentine’s Day gift more interesting.

valentines playdough

Side note: Did you notice that I have already used a few different spellings of the word play-doh?  Yes, this word is a fun one!  How do you spell play dough?  Well, if you are talking about the name brand, it is play-doh. But, since that is a trademarked term, play dough is the spelling I will stick with from now on. 

Play Dough Valentine Printable:

My play dough valentines come with four different mats in both color and black and white option.  You can print the Valentine’s Day cards out on white cardstock if using the colored version, or colored cardstock if using the black and white version.

DIY play doh valentines

The black and white version is nice because the kids don’t feel like they have to use the colors on the image.

play dough valentines printable

Of course, a play dough valentine would not be complete without attaching some mini play-doh tubs (yes, I’m using the name brand term this time)! You can buy them in bulk at any local retailer, online or even some generic ones at the dollar store. Attach the cards with some glue dots or washi tape.

Want to make your own play dough for this?  Check out my easy play dough recipe! You’ll just need a few basic ingredients: water, flour, salt, cream of tartar and vegetable oil. Add your favorite color of food coloring to make as many different colors as you want. Sprinkle in some glitter if you dare, and you’ll be good to go!  Worried about food allergies?  Try this lotion play dough recipe!

If you make your own, you can attach with small snack size plastic baggies and staple or tie them on with a pretty ribbon.

Play dough is a cute idea to give for Valentine’s Day because it is something that entertains and is a non-candy valentine gift.  Let’s face it, most moms (and teachers) appreciate non-candy treats, am I right?

Play dough is not just for pre-k aged kids, either!  Kids of all ages would love these Valentine’s Day play dough cards!

Download the Free Play Dough Valentines Now!

This is a PDF file and will download as soon as you click the button below!

valentine play doh

Benefits of Playing with Play Dough:

Play dough is such a fun activity. But did you know there are educational benefits, too?

  • Play dough is so great for working on fine motor skills.
  • It is great for creative expression and imaginative play.
  • It’s the perfect activity for sensory play.
  • Problem solving skills are used when building specific shapes.
  • It’s great for stress relief!

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