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New Year Countdown Punch Pinata

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I cannot believe next week is the new year!  I have been trying to come up with a fun way to celebrate  New Year’s Eve with my kids. I made a New Year Countdown Punch Piñata. Each hour the kids can punch in one of the circles and inside are a few treats and surprises!

new years eve with kids

Supplies for the Punch Piñata:

To make this fun new year countdown punch piñata you need a big cardboard box, tissue paper, paper cups, treats, and glue (hot glue & regular glue).  Some other bonus extras are spray paint & decorative lettering & my printable clocks from THIS POST). I got a big bag of piñata filling that included toys and candy to fill mine.

I made it with four sections for each hour to prevent fights among my kids! They can each punch one in on the hour.

How to Make the New Year Countdown Punch Piñata:

Decide how many holes you are going to make on your piñata. Divide them out evenly and draw them on the box by tracing the cups you will be using.

Measure your cups and cut holes slightly smaller than the cup opening so you can later glue on the cups. Cut the holes with a box cutter or craft knife.

Once the holes are all cut, you can spray paint the box  and decorate with words, if desired to make it look pretty!

On the back side of the box, cover the squares with strips of tissue paper. I used Elmer’s glue to glue it on. Let it dry.

Next, you can place the treats and toys you are filling the piñata with on top of the tissue circles. Be gentle because it can easily rip. Hot glue around the lip of the cup and place over the top of the circle.

This is what the back looks like when it is all finished.

AND, the finished product!


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