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Fun Sunday Family Activities

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Today I want to share with you some fun Sunday family activities that we love to do. Sunday is a family day at our house. It was for my family growing up as well. I love it and try to keep our day meaningful and enjoyable as much as possible. We love the quietness and restfulness of our Sundays. But we also like to have some family fun!

My family is more important to me than anyone else, so I think it’s important to create activities that bond us and create lasting memories. Hopefully this list will help you create memories and traditions of your own!

sunday family activities

We are a church going family, so we always start our Sunday mornings by attending our local church.  This is an important part of our family culture. It’s truly one the best parts of my week. Learn more about my faith here.

After church we always have a feeding frenzy lunch, change out of our church clothes, and then the rest of the day is free to rest, and have family time.  We tend to stay close to home on this day for the most part.

The following family activities are ideas for how to create quality time together as a family on Sundays. These ideas are great for children of all ages. You will definitely strengthen your family bond by regularly having a family day together.

Sunday Family Activities:

Obviously these family activities are not just for Sunday!  But sometimes Sundays can be harder to plan. These fun activities are great for a family day on Saturday, or any day of the week. Whenever you are looking for some fun things to do, or need some quality family time, you can pick from this list of things. From teens to toddlers these Sunday family activities are sure to please everyone.

Family walks or family bike rides – this outdoor family activity happens often with our family.  Sometimes we end at a park for the kids to play. We have a wonderful walking trail right by our house that we love to use. This is a great way for everyone to be a little active!

Go to the beach or the mountains (or whatever nature you have near you. Just get out into the great outdoors!) We like hiking a lot, and a low intensity Sunday hike is great when weather allows. Be sure to bring snacks!

Do a puzzle together. We love puzzles in a our family. It is the perfect Sunday activity. Anytime a puzzle is brought out, our family tends to gather. Many great discussions have been had and memories have been made over puzzles. Kids of all ages and adults all love puzzles!

Learn about your family tree together.  We love the Ancestry.com website and also the Family Search website.  You could also create a family time capsule to capture this moment in time!

Play board games or card games together. This is also a frequent thing at our house. We have a big closet full of board games that we love to play!

Learn a magic trick and show it to your family. My Dad used to do this silly magic show for us as kids and I have the best memories of it!

Invite another family over for dinner or dessert and games. We try to do this about once a month. We love to get to know our neighbors or other families who attend our church.

Host a neighborhood meet up.  Have several families bring a treat or snack to share, set up chairs on your driveway, and visit until dark. This is a great Summertime thing that happens often in our little neighborhood.

Visit grandparents or other family members. Sunday is the perfect day to make a visit to family!

Do an act of service for someone in your family or community.  Need some ideas?  Check out this post. 

Write letters to distant friends or family, or to men in military service.

Sing karaoke in your living room or play instruments and sing together. We are a musical family, so we love to do this!

Have a family movie night. We like to watch The Chosen together on Sundays. But any family friendly entertainment will do. (Pure Flix has some wonderful family-friendly entertainment!) Make sure to include popcorn!

Create a scavenger hunt for your kids. Or, let the kids create one for you!  My kids love making them for each other.  Have a fun little prize at the end.

Read to your kids, let them choose the books. A book is always an adventure! They also do a lot of reading on their own on Sunday.

Go on a picnic. Pack a picnic lunch or dinner, bring a blanket,  and find a beautiful place to eat it.

Go to a park or playground with the kids.

Baking treats– Sunday is our treat day. I don’t like to have dessert at our house too often, so Sunday tends to be the day we do baking. It’s a great activity to do together!  The kids get to take turns choosing which recipes we will make. They love learning to bake cookies.

Have a homemade pizza night for dinner. Let everyone build their own & choose their own toppings.

Learn a new hobby. Sunday is the perfect day to start learning the ukulele, learn to crochet, or even learn a new language together.

Play lawn games in your back yard. We have a few that we enjoy! (Corn hole, slam ball,

Attend an evening concert or other family-friendly events. In the Summer our community often has live music in the park with different performers. This is always fun for the whole family.

Make a meal together.  Sunday is a fun time to learn a new recipe, because there is usually a little more time. This is great for the entire family!

Do some crafts or art together. Learn to paint or sew or paper mache~ whatever interests you!

Play some classic outdoor games or laser tag in your yard.

Host a back yard barbecue.

Act out this Who’s on First Transcript for some great laughs!

Celebrate a special occasion together. We often gather our extend family members monthly to celebrate all of the birthdays for the month.

Have a Dance Party. We like to have a silly family dance party from time to time. Just blast your favorite tunes and dance like nobody is watching.

Go fishing in a nearby pond or lake. Fishing can be a calm and peaceful activity that brings about great discussions.

Bake bread, but be sure to share some witH a friend!

Have a hot cocoa bar!  Make some yummy cocoa and have fun toppings, mixing and flavors to make it interesting. Too warm for hot chocolate?  Make it an ice cream sundae bar instead!

I hope this post with my top picks for spending time with your family inspired you and helps you plan your next family Sunday!

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