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Candy Heart School

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Today was candy heart school at our house!

We pulled out some candy hearts to play and learn with during school.

Math with Candy Hearts:

We first graphed them by color and counted to see which color had the most.

Language Arts with Candy Hearts:

After that, we  sorted them by the phrases written on them. We did the same thing as above- counted and graphed them to see which phrase was used most often.  I then had them write out the phrases.

Have you noticed how different the phrases are from when we were kids?  The one that got me was ‘Sup Babe?”  Not kidding.  “Text Me” was also not on the hearts I had as a kid.  Kinda funny…

I found a fun printable @ First Grade Parade called Candy Heart Probability.  Check it out.  It would be fun to add to this lesson.

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