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Poetry Drawings ~ Poetry Books for Kids

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This week, I wanted to try something different with my kids as I read poetry to them. We did some poetry drawings.  As I was reading, I had my kids get out a paper and pencil and draw what the poem had them think of.  I chose a wonderfully descriptive poem (and one of my favorites) called The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. This poem always created a wonderful visual in my mind, plus I love the message, too!

Poetry Drawings

I love how her poetry drawing turned out. Since she is always my little artist, she had to also paint it!  I like how she made the paths different colors. She also listened to the author’s words saying that the forest was yellow, so it must be Autumn. It was a great exercise for my kids to help them understand the words of the poem. We talked over a few parts to make sure they understood it, and discussed the meaning of the poem.

I have collected quite a few different poetry books for kids that I adore.  For this activity, we used the book A Child’s Introduction to Poetry by Michael Driscoll.  I was introduced to this book by a friend and loved it so much that I had to get our own copy.


What’s great about it is that it also comes with a CD that has all of the poems on it. Your kids can listen to it on their own, or you can pop it in the car CD player to listen to while you drive and expose your kids to wonderful poems! This book has all different poems such as haiku, lyric, sonnet and villanelle. It teaches kids about the different types giving examples and origins. Then in the second part if the book it has some of the greats and their poems including William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Christina Rossetti, and of course Robert Frost.

Poetry Books for Kids

Poetry Books for Kids

Shel Silverstein Poetry Books He has a few and they have LONG been some of my favorite books to read to my kids!

Jack Prelutsky Poetry Books This is another favorite children’s poet in our house. Like Shel Silverstein, his poems are silly and entertaining. We love reading and giggling through them together.

Kids Pick the Funniest Poems by Bruce Lanky is a compilation of silly poems for kids. WE love it at our house!

Animals Animals by Eric Carle is a fun selection of poems all about Animals of course!

The Random House Book of Poetry for Kids– Compiled by Jack Prelutsky

A Child’s Book of Poems by Gyo Fujikawa- This book is full of sweet poems and illustrations. It goes through the seasons.

A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson This is another wonderful book full of Stevenson’s classic poems for kids.

The 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury selected by Jack Prelutsky

Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy

Poems for Young People ~ this is a whole series of poetry books from famous poets that are compiled for kids. They are full of wonderful illustrations!  These are great for when you are studying a specific poet.

poems-002Want more poetry ideas?  I have some printable Poetry Memorization Cards.

I also have post on Haiku Poems.


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