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Weather Handwriting Workbook

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I love cute little activities that get kids excited about writing. This handwriting workbook is all weather themed, which is perfect for this Spring season!  This is the time of year when we see all kinds of fun weather! So, if you are looking for a new way to make handwriting interesting, check this one out!

Weather handwriting workbook

What I love about these are the fact that not only are they practicing their handwriting skills, they are learning weather terms and how to spell them.  Plus, they are just so stinking cute!  Kids always love a good activity with fun pictures on them.

What’s Included in the Weather Handwriting Workbook

This cute printable weather handwriting workbook has 13 different weather themed pages for kids to both trace and write the words.

The weather words included are:

Cloudy, Cold, Hot, Lightning, Moon, Rainbow, Raindrop, Snow, Star, Storm, Sunny, Tornado, and Umbrella.

weather handwriting

Each of the words has a full page of writing practice to use as well as a related picture. Each word has the word first for tracing and then space to write it multiple times.  I love these kinds of handwriting pages for my youngest readers/writers. First and second graders are at the point where spelling is still hard for them, so these give them an awesome chance to practice!

Also included in this printable set are a set of smaller flashcards for learning the words. These are fun to laminate and put on a ring so kids can re-use them!  They have the words for tracing on them as well. You could do the same with the handwriting pages, or put them into dry-erase pockets. If laminated, they could be used in a literacy center at school! I’m not sure what it is about dry erase markers, but my kids think they are WAY more fun to write with that a pencil.

How to Download this Weather Handwriting Workbook

This is available for purchase in my shop.

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