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Scientific Method Worksheets and Posters

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Teaching about the scientific method (or process) is an important part of every science class. I have some adorable printable scientific method worksheets and posters for use in teaching your kids about the process of the scientific method.  This pairs perfectly with some of our favorite science books for kids, Zoey and Sassafras. Read more about them at the end!


Scientific method worksheets and posters

Just in case you forgot from your own science class, let refresh our memories on the steps of the scientific method.

What Is The Scientific Method or Scientific Process

The scientific method, also called the scientific process is the process that scientists use to solve a problem or question that they may have.  There are six steps followed in the process.

  1. Ask a question
  2. Research
  3. Make a hypothesis
  4. Experiment
  5. Record Data
  6. Analyze

Scientific Process - Steps

This printable set includes a full-page poster for each of these steps explaining what they are, a page listing the 6 steps, as well as a definition of the scientific process.

Scientific Method Worksheets

Along with the posters, I have two scientific process or method worksheets for kids to complete or use in their own science experiment. One of the worksheets is a matching page to match the definition with the term. This is a great way to help kids to learn and remember what each of the steps of the scientific process are.

Scientific method worksheet

The second worksheet is to be used in a science experiment. Kids can fill out their question, write what they learn from their research, how they tested the experiment, and a place for results and conclusions.

You can grab this printable scientific method worksheet set in my shop here:


Learn More About The Scientific Method

Along with this printable set, if you are teaching kids about the scientific method and want a really fun way to help kids learn about it, start with the Zoey and Sassafras books by Asia Citro. These books are a huge favorite in our house. We anxiously await each new release.

If you are new to these books, Zoey is a curious little girl who loves science, and Sassafras is her cat. In each book, Zoey uses the scientific method to experiment and test experiments.  She helps cure magical animals who come to her for help.

Each book has a problem to solve and Zoe helps kids learn the right methods to solve scientific questions. She tests out different ideas that sometimes fail and sometimes work out!  You can use my scientific method worksheets for your own curious kids! Let them follow along with Zoey and Sassafras!

They are adorable books and my kids (of all ages) love them. I even love reading them to my kids. You can’t say that about all children’s books.  I highly recommend you get some of them to read to your kids or students. The Zoe and Sassafras books are both educational and entertaining.

Zoe and Sassafras books- scientific method

Zoey and Sassafras Books In Order:

  1. Dragons and Marshmallows
  2. Monsters and Mold
  3. Merhorses and Bubbles
  4. Caterflies and Ice
  5. The Pod and the Bog
  6. Unicorns and Germs
  7. Grumpiest and Pests
  8. Bips and Roses
  9. Wishypoofs and Hiccups


Want some awesome science experiments and projects to use to test out these scientific method worksheets?  Check out my extensive list of over 200 Science and STEM projects for kids.


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