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Money Savvy Kids: Finance Curriculum

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Teaching kids financial responsibility from a young age is so important. This past year we have been working on teaching this to our kids. We started a chore system that makes them very responsible for things around the house. They are earning money each week and learning to save as well.  I was given the chance to review a program called Money Savvy Kids that teaches kids about money and finances. It is a great way to get started with kids!

Money Savvy Kids Curriculum

What is Money Savvy Kids?

The Money Savvy Kids was created by Susan Beacham. She wants to teach elementary-aged kids about money management before all of the bad habits set in later in life.  She started by volunteering and teaching it at different schools. She has since created a curriculum for kids.  It has received the Financial Literacy of the Year Award & also the Homeschooling Parent Stamp of Approval award!  (I give it my stamp of approval as well!)

For this review, we received the Money Savvy Kids @Home kit. It is designed for kids ages 6-11, but they have lessons for older kids as well. We also received a set of their story books. The curriculum comes with a parent and student book and a coloring book, a CD-rom with color images and audio files with songs to go along with the curriculum.

Finance For Kids

We also received 2 piggy banks ( They have lots of fun varieties) divided out into 4 different sections: save, spend, donate and invest. My kids LOVE these piggy banks. I do to because we were already trying to teach that concept to our kids, but this simplified it for us! We were using jars before, but now they have an appropriate place for their money.

The Parent Handbook gives teaching and discussion suggestions to teach different topics including:

  • The History of Money
  • Where Money Comes From
  • Kids Earn Money, Too!
  • Saving Money
  • Spending Money
  • Donating Money
  • Investing Money
  • Family Money Press Conference

Then you use the Student Workbook to answer questions about what you learn and discuss. I love how it encourages kids to invest their money from an early age! They even have a little investment portfolio for the kids to fill out.

Money Savvy Kids workbook

We loved the stories they created!  They are called the Money Savvy Kids Club. There are 4 different stories: Garage Sale Riches, A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned, Home Sweet Home, and Putting the “Do” in Donate. Each of the books teaches important lessons about earning and saving money. There are 4 kids who start a Money Savvy Kids Club.  They want to be better at saving and using their money wisely.  They also like to learn about all of the news stories about money. The books tell stories about donating money to people, doing a garage sale to earn money (and learn not to spend it foolishly), How money works when you invest it, and also how mortgages work. They teach difficult concepts, but in a way that kids enjoy them and understand them!

How We Are Using Money Savvy Kids:

We have already been working on teaching these concepts to our kids, so I was really excited when I started reading through this curriculum. I love the idea of starting to teach them from a young age. I did not learn much about money when I was young, so my husband and I have struggled to learn about it after we were married. I am hoping that teaching them now and being an example to them will help them understand it better and make the best choices themselves.

We are adding a money management lesson into our school once a week.  My two oldest are the ones really earning and learning about it the most right now.  We read a book last year about it that was great and this has really helped build on that knowledge!

We received free products in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own. 

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