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Online Art Lessons for Kids (all ages!)

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Art can be a tough subject to teach your kids if you are not a gifted artist. It is also difficult to find high quality online art lessons for your kids. We are beyond thrilled to have come across the website, Sparketh that teaches fun and engaging online art lessons for all ages, even old people who think they are not good artists!  I am excited to share the experience we have had so far with Sparketh so you an check it out for your family.  (We received a free membership to Sparketh and I am being paid for my time in writing this post, however all thoughts are mine.) 

What Is Included in the Online Art Lessons from Sparketh?

Sparketh has over 500 video art lessons that teach small concepts for all levels and is recommended for ages 8 through 18. It is a perfect resource for homeschoolers or anyone who wants to improve their art skills. The lessons are taught by young, talented artists who are engaging and interesting for kids to learn from. They teach in all different art mediums including: pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and oils. They add new lessons weekly so there is always fresh content.

online art lessons courses from Sparketh

The different levels of videos are marked by different colors, so you always know which one is which. There are a much greater number of beginner and intermediate videos than there are advanced,  just in case you have a really advanced artist.

homeschool art lessons

My kids and I are definitely beginning artists, so that is where we spent our time learning, but there are courses for beginners, intermediate artists and advance artists. In the beginning courses, we worked with water color, pencil drawing and also colored pencils. We jumped right into projects but there are great videos teaching basic art concepts such as shading, textures, facial proportions, perspective, color mixing and techniques with various mediums. It truly is a goldmine of info!

We started with this amazing watercolor globe project. The girl who teaches this does a lot of different watercolor courses and hers were some of our favorites. My daughter and I really enjoy working with watercolors. I was impressed with how well my kids did! The lessons really break things down into easy steps, so all ages can accomplish something beautiful!

online art lessons for kids (& adults)

Each course is divided out into small videos that focus on one step of the project. I think it’s a great way set it up because kids are not overwhelmed by long videos thinking they can’t finish it all. They can take it a little at a time. They all have a course introduction video as well. In this they explain the project and the needed supplies. These are great because sometimes the kids are not sure if they want to do that project, but after watching the introduction, they are excited about it! It also helps you to be prepared with supplies before getting started.

They include a master supply list for all of the projects, too. That way you can be prepared when starting with the site and have all that you need on hand.

whale from online art lessons

Sparketh offers a 1 month free trial which is such a great offer!  You can get access to all of the courses and try it out to see for yourself how great it actually is.

They also have a blog with articles about teaching kids creativity, basic art concepts and homeschool art ideas.

online art lesson with colored pencils


Pricing for Sparketh Online Art Lessons:

Sparketh charges $25/month for complete access.
You also have the option to pay $250 for the year which saves you money in the long run.

These pries are great if you consider the cost of in-person art lessons!  You are getting on-on-one instruction from a variety of experts!

We are excited to add Sparketh to our homeschool art lessons this year!


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