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Memoria Press Curriculum

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Memoria Press

Earlier this summer as I was researching what curriculum to use, I came across the Memoria Press website.  Typically, I am turned off by “boxed curriculum” sets.  I like to pick and choose what I like and what works well for my family.

I started reading reviews and researching the Memoria Press curriculum because it looked so great.  After all of this, I got in touch with the company and discussed doing a review on their curriculum.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they told me they would send me all the books that they publish for my Kindergartner and my 2nd grader.  I was in shock!   Part of the curriculum in their sets are from outside sources (their math books, for example are from Rod & Staff).

One thing that I was so impressed with during the communication process with Memoria Press was their customer service.  They were SO quick to answer my questions.  They were more than willing to switch out books to meet the needs of my family.  For instance- their curriculum starts cursive in 1st grade.  My son was starting second and had not done it before, so she switched the books for me.

About the Memoria Press Curriculum:

Memoria Press is a family-run company that publishes Christian Classical educational materials for home & private schools.  Their curriculum has been developed tested, and used at Highlands Latin School in Kentucky.  The main goals of Memoria Press products are: simplicity, quality, and affordability. They are designed to be accessible to homeschool families who have no nothing of the subject being taught.  But, they are designed with the highest academic standards in mind.

So what did I receive?
Isn’t that a beautiful sight?

Memoria Press Kindergarten Set:
The Kindergarten Lesson Plan book

Copybook I
The Composition and Sketchbook
First Start Reading books A-D & 2 teacher guides
Classical Phonics
Memoria Press 2nd Grade Set:
Second Grade Lesson Plans
Prima Latina: Introduction to Christian Latin (Teacher, Student, Pronunciation CD, Instructional DVDs, Flashcards)
Copybook III
Composition & Sketchbook
New American Cursive I
Memoria Press Literature Guides:
Little House in the Big Woods Student Study Guide
Mr. Popper’s Penguins Student Study Guide
The Courage of Sarah Noble Student Study Guide
Tales from Beatrix Potter Student Study Guide
Second Grade Literature Guide Teacher Key
If you read my blog often, you might know a little bit about my book & curriculum obsessions.  I was so excited when I opened up this box full of beautiful new school books.  I immediately started reading through and organizing and formulating our perfect school days!  Well, this curriculum has not disappointed me IN ANY WAY!
I have been so impressed with the superb quality of all of their books.  My children have been thriving and excelling with this curriculum.  I have used new books each year so far in our homeschooling, but I have finally found a curriculum that I love… and that is a beautiful thing.
I took a little longer to review this product because I wanted to really try it out before I gave my review here.  Since it is a full curriculum, that needed some time. This has been the heart of our schooling this year and it’s been fabulous.
Now, I mentioned that I only received the parts of their curriculum which was published by them.  This actually worked out perfectly for us because I had a specific math program that I wanted to use.  I also already owned many of the books in their recommended literature guides.
One thing that I liked about their website is that there are different purchasing options.  They have the option of buying the whole set for the grade, or buying each piece individually.  They are also quite flexible in meeting your needs.

What I Love About Memoria Press Curriculum:

  • Their lesson plans are fabulous!  I always struggle with planning and they had it laid out in such a way that makes it all so simple to use.  Using their lesson plan really helped me organize our school better.

  • Their phonics & reading program has been working so well for my kindergarten-aged daughter.  I love the coloring pages that go along with the letters they are learning.  It has been great to see how they begin blending sounds to form words.  I also really love the Classical Phonics book.  I never learned phonics and this book outlines all the rules.  It has been fabulous for me, and for teaching both my kindergartner & second grader.
  • We LOVE Prima Latina!.  I have always wanted to learn & teach my children Latin.  We have been having so much fun learning it together.  I love the video lessons because it allows me to sit back & let Leigh Lowe be our teacher for a little while.  What a wonderful format.  It also comes with workbooks, flashcards, and a CD.

memoria press prima latina

  • I have never done copywork with my kids before, but was looking for a way to add it into our regular schooling.  My kids need the practice!  Their copywork books are all scripture based- which is so nice.  The kids are also learning Bible verses as they practice their writing- that can never hurt, right?
Disclaimer:  I received these products for free in exchange for my true and honest opinion.  I  was not compensated in any other way for this review.

Memoria Press

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  1. This is my first year homeschooling my children and I had been looking for a good curriculum when you first posted about Memoria Press. I ordered it that week and it has been perfect for our family! I’m so happy to have found something that is working so well for us…especially for our first year. So thank you for posting about it back in August! I’m glad it’s working as well for your family as it has been for ours.

  2. Are you still using this curriculum? I am planning on ordering parts of it for the 2015-2016 school year. (second and eighth grade)
    I will use everything but the Science and Math.
    Do you still recommend it?

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