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Camping with Kids Checklist

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Need a camping checklist or ideas to keep kids engaged while camping?  Then read on!  Camping with kids can be so much fun!  We don’t camp often enough. The kids are always begging me to take them more often. But when we do, we are always glad we did because we have a blast.  Today, I want to share some tips with you for camping with kids, plus I have an awesome printable camping checklist set to make it easier and more fun!

Camping With Kids- checklist and activities

Are you campers?  Where is your favorite place to camp with your family?

family camping list
This photo is from one of our camping trips to Payson Lakes in Utah a few years back.  Doesn’t it just look like a postcard?
A few weeks back I took the kids camping.  It was such a wonderful experience for them.  While we were getting ready, the kids wanted to know if we were bringing the iPad with us.  I laughed and said no we were not- my kids really don’t play on it that much, but apparently they couldn’t imagine life without it!
They wanted to know what we would DO while were camping.  I assured them they would be surprised at how much there was to do.  Once were were there, they never had thoughts of any of our electronics that were left behind.  They are already planning our next trip!

Printable Camping Checklists and Activities

I have an awesome printable pack for you to help you on your next camping trip with your family.  This 4-page printable includes: a packing checklist of camping gear, a page for planning your menu, a nature scavenger hunt bingo game and a camping journal page.  You can use these to help you prepare for your camping adventure and use them on your trip as well!

Camping Checklists and activities Printable Pack

You can download this camping checklist and activity pack for free as a subscriber!

Family Camping Packing List

This packing list includes all of the camping essentials you will need to bring on your family camping trip.  First, make sure you have reserved a great campsite!

Included on the printable list:

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Tents
  • First-aid kit
  • Cooking supplies such as: pots & pans for cooking, utensils, knife, spatula, cutting board, camp stove, bowls & plates
  • Lanterns, headlamps,  and flashlights- don’t forget extra batteries!
  • Tarp or ground cover
  • Trash bags
  • Air mattress, & pillows
  • Binoculars
  • Foil for cooking food
  • Paper towels and baby wipes
  • Bug spray
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Water Jugs
  • Soap & shampoo
  • Toilet paper
  • Clothes- shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, sandals, hiking boots, plus a few extra pairs of socks & underwear for kids!
  • Camera
  • Any needed toiletries

Fun Activities to Do While Camping With Kids:

Are you going camping with your family soon?  If so, here are some fun things to keep the kids busy while out in the woods without the things that plug in.

1.  Campfire songs and stories– bring a list of some of your old-time favorite campfire songs, stories, or poems to sing/read around the campfire.

2.  Flashlight tag– bring lots of flashlights and play a game of tag with them.

3.  Star Gazing– bring your star guides and try to find some constellations.  The stars are much brighter away from all of the lights of the city.

4.  Nature Scavenger Hunt– make a list of things for them to find and have them go on a hunt- maybe not to collect, but to observe.  Need a few ideas?  (Animal tracks, rocks, different types of leaves, insects, birds, wildflowers, etc) Use the Scavenger Hunt Bingo game in my camping printable set! 

5. Listen to nature and try to identify the sounds- birds, grasshoppers, etc.)

6.  Capture the Flag is always lots of fun if you have a group.

7.  Fishing– bring your poles or nets and catch some fish if you are near water.

8.  Hiking-check before you go to see if there are any good trails near where you will be camping- or just explore and find one.

9.  S’mores! We all love s’mores- make sure your kids get a chance to have these wonderful summertime treats!!

10. Toys and Games– bring along a few card games, a frisbee or ball fotr the kids to play with.

11.  Exploring and Observing–  Let the kids just spend time exploring and observing nature.  Bring magnifying glasses, sketch books, cameras, jars for collecting, etc.

12.  Teach Basic Skills–  It is great for kids to learn some of the skills needed for camping- teach them to help set up the tent, start a fire (if they are old enough), cooking over a fire, safety, etc.

If you aren’t brave enough to venture into the big out doors for real camping- why not try it out for the first time in your back yard- or even safer- your living room!  The kids will still love it!!

More Nature Ideas for Kids

Want more ideas to learn in nature?  Check out this Summer Nature School post. You may also love this Printable Nature Study Journal! And you may also want to read Fun Ways to Get Kids Outside This Summer.

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