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Fun Ways to Get Kids Outside This Summer

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Fun Ways to Get Kids Outside This Summer

Are you tired of watching your kids waste their entire summer away staring at a screen? Whether it’s cartoons, video games or YouTube videos of other kids playing, like they should be, enough is enough. Today I have some fun ways to get kids outside this summer

fun ways to get kids outside

How to Unplug Kids and Get Them Outside This Summer:

Kids need to be intrigued and engaged. We need to find interesting ways to pull them away from the screen and out into the sun! Summer is a time for experiences and not be completely lazy. We need to be active, we need vitamin D and so do our kids!


Give them a task:

Sometimes, kids need a specific tasks, in order to lure them away from the screen. Try giving them a gardening kit and let them help you with your garden or send them out on a bug scavenger hunt! That way they have a reason to get up and head outside! Try some of our gardening & nature study ideas.

Some other outdoor tasks kids can do include sweeping the porch, walking the dog, weeding, watering plants, raking weeds, helping mow the lawn or rake leaves.

Give them something to do together:

Do you have more than one child?  Get them outside and playing together! Put them in some inflatable bubbles and let them have at it, let them bump each other all over the place! You can also bring some science into it by letting them duel with kid powered rockets. Try some of the ideas from my BIG FAT List of Summer Learning Ideas


Get them active: 

See some ideas in my post on 10 ways to get kids active. Kids love playing with things! Get them a set of 6 different colored outdoor balls, that way they can play more than 1 game! Teach them how to play kickball, dodgeball or grab some chalk and play 4 corners!  See some of our sidewalk chalk games! You can also teach them how to play frisbee with these awesome flying disks.

But that’s boring:

Have you heard this complaint? That the normal outdoor stuff is boring? Check out our bored box!  

Get your kids outside this summer by giving them something interesting to ride, like a scooter or even a Sit N Scoot! Try having them play hide and seek, but give them the added fun of walkie talkies and see where they take it.

Looking for something for a younger crowd:

Little kids love playing with water. Check out something like one of these splash pads or a really cool water table! You can also send them out to fish, with this super awesome 65 piece fishing set! It even comes with a pool!


Hopefully, this has helped you figure out some fun ways to get kids outside this summer! Get them unplugged and out enjoying themselves in the sun and you can have fun watching them too.

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