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Summer Sidewalk Chalk Learning Games

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When summer comes I can barely drag my kids inside for anything. They want to be outside constantly. I always stock up on sidewalk chalk in the summer because we love drawing and playing games outside with it. The fun thing about sidewalk chalk games is that you can make them fun and educational. This is a great way to sneak in a little extra summer learning with your kids.

Summer Sidewalk Chalk Learning Games

I am participating in the Top 10 Summer Learning Series with the Kid Blogger Network again.  Today I have 10 Sidewalk Chalk Learning games to share with you.  There are a WHOLE BUNCH of awesome bloggers sharing their tips for summer learning all week long. Stop by and check out a few more. Also, visit my post from last summer- Top 10 Ways to Keep Kids Active This Summer.


Top 10 Summer Sidewalk Chalk Learning Games


sight word hopscotch

1. Traditional hopscotch is a lot of fun and can teach number recognition and hopping skills for the very young. But, you can add a twist and make it a learning game by playing sight word or alphabet hopscotch.

 Hopscotch Calculator math game

2. Play a fun math hopscotch game called the Hopscotch Calculator.  You can use this for all kinds of math and it keeps kids active and having fun!

 rock Chalk Critters

3. Make some Rock Chalk Critters by combining nature and chalk. Let the kids create their own animal critters.

 Chalk Shape Hop Game

4. Play a Shape Hopping Game. Draw multiple shapes on the ground of various colors. Call out a shape and have them hop to it. If they are older, give them a pattern to hop and call out three shapes for them to do.


Chalk maze

5. Draw a maze with chalk. Kids can walk or ride through it!

 Human Sun Dial

6. Make a human Shadow Sun Dial. Trace their shadow at different times throughout the day.

Sidewalk Chalk Zoo

7. Make a sidewalk chalk zoo. Have your kids sort their toy animals out by type and make cages.


chalk art

8. Learn about cultures around the world with some global chalk art.

sidewalk chalk city

9. Make a sidewalk chalk city for kids to play with. Make a map of your city if you are really ambitious!  You can use this to teach them about traffic signs as well.

Sidewalk Chalk Hundred Chart

10. Make a Hundred Chart with chalk. This can be used for number recognition, skip counting, adding or subtracting and so much more.

11. Try this awesome homemade sidewalk chalk paint!


Have a great time playing outside!

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