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Reading Hopscotch

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If you haven’t noticed already, my kids like hands-on learning.  They don’t get too excited about sitting inside and writing spelling words on lined paper.  They don’t like math workbooks.  They whine over the everyday- traditional school methods.  I am learning to really mix things up and make things interesting.  When I put a little effort into the learning activity- it is a hit.  They learn without knowing it.

Today we played reading hopscotch.

My little 4-year-old is learning to read.  She pushes back when I do any of the traditional learning methods.  However, this game, she wanted to do over and over.  Little did she know, she was learning her words!

It is just your regular old hopscotch game, but instead of the numbers, I wrote some of the words she has been learning.  She had to read the words as she hopped along them.

Oh! How fun!
Mom, let’s read them again!!!

Try this out at any level- spelling words, alphabet, etc.  It’s a great way to reinforce the words you are learning.

We’ve discovered a great free resource for our little reader- have you seen readingteacher.com?  They are the books I used when I learned to read, but animated & in color.  Or, you can print the books out. Check it out!

Did any of you learn to read with these books?
We also love the Bob Books.
What are your favorite early reading resources?


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  1. I love the sight word idea.. we are going to do this!! We LOVE Bob books… Gracie actually feels successful because she can get through the whole book at one reading session!!

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