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Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop Reading & Spelling Game

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Dr. Seuss is always a favorite book choice in our house. When my kids are learning to read, I often pull out some of the Dr. Seuss books to practice their words (See my post on Learning to Read with Dr. Seuss). Hop on Pop is a great starter book. I made a printable Hop on Pop Spelling Game to play spelling words with your little learners!  This is an awesome activity to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday in March!

Dr Seuss Hop on Pop Spelling Game for reading & sight words

This game is great to practice reading and spelling skills. I took all of the words mentioned in the book Hop on Pop and put them onto the word cards. There are 80 words included with the game. It also includes letter tiles, a writing page, a colored die and colored circle game pieces.

hop on pop spelling game

To play the Hop On Pop spelling game you roll a colored die and move to the place on the board with that color. Each color has an activity assigned to it. The activities include: Built It, Write It, Rhyme It, Sing It, Spin It, Hop It. It makes it a very active and interactive game!  The kids have to be able to read, write, spell and build the words.

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