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Reading Workbooks for Kids

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We have used the Reading Eggs website for a long time now. My kids really enjoy it and it gives them great practice for their reading skills. Well, Reading Eggs just came out with Reading workbooks for kids and Math workbooks to go with their Math Seeds program.  We are excited about them!  We received these workbooks for free and I am being compensated for my time writing this review, however all opinions and thoughts are mine alone. 

I am currently using Reading eggs with my preschooler and my 2nd grader. We received the Kindergarten reading and math books as well as the 1st and 2nd grade reading books to try out.

What is Reading Eggs?

If you have never used reading eggs before, it is a fun website that teaches kids reading skills with a series of lessons. As they complete a lesson, they get a character that hatches out of an egg and they move along a pathway to new content. There are games, songs, and other fun learning activities that really excite & motivate my kids. There are different levels in their website. They have a Reading Eggs Junior, the regular Reading Eggs and then Reading Eggspress which is the more advanced level.

reading eggs kindergarten workbook

What’s in the Reading Workbooks?

The Reading workbooks follow the same path. In the Kindergarten level, it begins with the alphabet. Kids are learning letters and sounds of letters. They are recognizing what the letters look like, and recognizing items that begin with the letter sound. The Kindergarten level also advances to sight words as they move through. At the end of each lesson in the workbook, there is a section that has them go onto the computer and do the corresponding lesson on their website.   I love that they have this tie in because it motivates my kids to want to do both parts.

reading workbook 2nd grade

Reading Eggspress

The second grade reading workbook focuses on reading comprehension. They read story passages then answer questions about the stories. It helps with comprehension, but also vocabulary and spelling. The Reading Eggs website has an older portion for kids ages 7-13 called the Reading Eggspress.  They tie this into their workbooks by giving only portions of the story in the workbook. Then the kids are interested and want to hear the rest. They can find the full stories online. The second grade workbooks starts at the beginning of the Reading Eggspress lessons.

The math one works in a similar way as the reading one. We only have the kindergarten level, so it is very beginning math. It starts with teaching basic numbers, counting and recognition. The kindergarten math also covers shapes and patterns, too.

reading eggs workbooks- math seeds


My kids are enjoying the workbooks a lot!  If you are interested in purchasing them,  I have a discount code for you!  Hop over to the Reading Eggs website & use the code:  WK10XBE7WWU to get 10% off your purchase of the workbooks. (Expires 10/15/18)  You can also get a 4 week free trial of the website right now!  (Expires 10/17/2018)

reading workbook for kids

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