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Letter of the Week: Preschool Letter H Activities

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Ready for our letter of the week?  I have tons of preschool letter H activities ready for you to use in your own teaching endeavors!  Need some ideas for a letter H theme?  Try some of these: Heart, House, Hats, Hug, Helicopter, Hippo, Horse, Hot Air Balloon, Honeycomb, Happy, Hands, Hamburger, Hair, Hedgehog, Hen, & Harp.

Printable Preschool Letter H Pack

Each week I create a new pack of letter activities to use in teaching little ones their letters. They all are 18-20 pages and include lots of great variety. There are tracing pages, coloring pages, cutting pages, dot-to-dots, mazes, dot marker pages and more!  It has activities for both upper and lower case letters.

Preschool Letter H Activities


Preschool Letter H Craft: H is for Hair

I am in love with this cute letter H craft. We just used yarn and glue to make this one work. Print out the letter H from my printable pack, then cut a whole bunch of yarn yarn. Make sure it is cut a little longer than the letter so you can make the bangs!  You could also do braids!   Drizzle glue over the letter and press on the yarn. You may have to add glue in a few other spots to make sure it all sticks. Then add a cute face!

preschool H craft- H is for Hair

Preschool Letter H Books

20 preschool letter h books

The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone
The Hair Book by Graham Tether
Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
How a House is Built by Gail Gibbons
Building a House by Byron Barton
The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton
The Napping House by Audrey Wood
A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle
Old Hat New Hat by Stan and Jan Berenstain
Blue Hat Green Hat by Sandra Boynton
The Hat by Jan Brett
Hedgehugs by Steve Wilson
Robert the Rose Horse by Joan Heilbroner
Hug by Jez Alborough
High-Flying Helicopters by Tony Mitton
If I Ran the Horse Show by Bonnie Worth
Hands are Not for Hitting by Martine Agassi
The HiccupPotamus by Aaron Zenz
But Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boynton
Show Me the Honey by Tish Rabe

Preschool Letter H Snack: H is for Honeycomb

Honeycomb letter H preschool snack or for Bee theme

This letter H snack is a simple one. I created a printable honeycomb page to go along with this snack. It is a patterning and dexterity activity as well as a snack. Just print out this page (included in my printable pack) and grab a bag of honeycomb cereal for the kids to eat and fill in the honeycomb. Easy-peasy!

Want to download the Preschool Letter H Activities?

This is available in my shop as part of my Letter of the Week Bundles. Grab them here! Try it out first~ Letter A is always free.

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  1. I have downloaded your letter H activity pack- I am excited to use is with my prek child- but when I tried to download the A-F packs is the subscriber preschool freebies section the link took me to your original post instead of giving me a download. Is there a different link that I need?


  2. I just want the honeycomb paper to put the cereal on…but cannot just get it downloaded…it’s like taking me all over the place but just want to easily download it.

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