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Action Art: Splat Painting

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Today I want to share with you a very messy, but really fun art project that I did with my kids. It’s called Splat Painting and is a wonderful action art project. We had a blast with this one. I hope you will, too!

Splat Painting: Action Art

This art project is great for younger kids, or kids who are more active. We all have some of those, right?

Supplies for Splat Painting:

Washable paints
Plastic cups
Small sponges
Spatulas or large spoons
Large piece of paper- such as butcher paper

How to Do Splat Painting Art:

To do this splat painting art project, I used newsprint paper. I have a huge roll that I bought from our local newspaper. They sell the roll ends for really cheap. Or you could use butcher paper, poster boards, or whatever you happen to have.
painting with kids

I poured a little paint into some plastic cups and watered it down quite a bit. Next, I soaked the sponges in the paint and water mixture.

I rolled out our paper outside since this is a messy project.  Make sure your kids are in clothes you don’t care about. Or cover them with smocks or big t-shirts that can get messy.

Put the paint-soaked sponges on the paper in various places and let the kids smack them with spatulas or large spoons.  This is where things get exciting and a little crazy!  Let them.  You may notice that a stronger paper would work a bit better here since they may get a bit rough!

splat painting for kids

The paint will splatter all over making a beautiful, colorful work of art.

action art- splat painting

I love this action shot of my son getting ready to whack the sponges!

splat painting- art with kids

The finished splat painting art is colorful and quite lovely. Looks a bit like some famous abstract art, yes?

This is a great tie in to a lesson about Jackson Pollock!  Also try our Eye Dropper Painting!

paintball art

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