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Hundred Chart Puzzle with Printable

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If you are working on math skills and teaching kids to count to 100, you will want to check out this simple hundred chart puzzle to make it more fun!
printable hundred chart puzzle

Also included in this post is a free printable hundred chart set.  Find it below.

This is VERY simple & fun counting math game. It would work well in a math center in schools or for an activity to change up your typical math lesson.


How to Make the Hundred Chart Puzzle:

Watch all about it here:

To make this puzzle, will need to print out two different 100 charts.  Print the charts onto card stock in two different colors. The colors are optional of course, but make it more fun! If you don’t have card stock paper it will work fine on regular paper, too.  This just makes it stronger. One chart will be cut apart and one will be left whole.

Cut the hundred chart into random pieces 3-6 squares in size.

hundred chart puzzle for math

Now kids get to reassemble the puzzle. They will need some number recognition and counting skills to achieve this math puzzle. This is great for kindergarten or first grade kids.

make a hundred chart puzzle math game

To make it a little more challenging for older kids, they could do the puzzle without the second chart to match up to. You can also start with a blank hundred chart and have them fill them in first.

If you want to make this more durable, laminate the chart and the puzzle pieces. Another option is to add velcro dots to make the puzzles pieces secure!

hundred chart puzzle

Download my FREE Printable Hundred Charts Now!

This download includes both a numbered hundred chart and a blank one.

You can use these printable charts to practice skip counting or counting by tens, also!

It’s fun to add money in with them, too. You can count dimes or pennies on your charts.

Printable Hundred Chart Puzzle

Also, check out my post on Hundred Chart Learning Ideas for more creative ways to learn with hundred charts! Another idea is to use my printable Fill-in-the Blank Hundred Charts, &  Count to 100 Maze Printable.

Hundred Chart Learning Ideas from Teach Beside Me


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  1. Thanks for sharing this idea at the AfterSchool party. My oldest attended a Montessori preschool and kindergarten and they did different activities with the hundreds board. I haven’t thought of it in ages, but my younger two would really enjoy this activity.
    Kelly at Little Wonders’ Days

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