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The Easter Story in Eggs – Resurrection Eggs

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The Easter Story in Eggs, also called Resurrection Eggs, is a fun tradition we have been doing for a few years now. It reminds me a little of a Christmas advent, but for Easter. These are a perfect object lesson for teaching about the story of Easter and of  Jesus’ resurrection at Easter time.

This Resurrection Eggs lesson has always been a very meaningful activity for my family and helps us to focus on the true meaning of Easter. I want my kids to understand what Easter is really about more than chicks, bunnies and Easter egg hunts! We actually do not do the Easter Bunny at our house, so the focus really is on Christ.  (See also my Resurrections Rolls post & my Stations of the Cross Printable Book for Kids.)

How to Make the Resurrection Eggs

Watch the video to see what we have inside of our eggs:

To make resurrection eggs, you need 12 plastic Easter eggs. Number them 1-12 with plastic Easter eggs or a permanent marker.

Using the Resurrection Eggs

Inside each of the plastic eggs, place one of the scriptures listed below on small strips of paper and put the matching small item inside the egg.

I like to hide the eggs around the room for the kids to find. Once they find them all, you can take turns opening them and reading the scripture, and showing the object that is inside.

The final egg is empty, representing the empty tomb of Christ. It is a beautiful and memorable object lesson for kids during Easter or anytime you want to teach about the story of Christ’s resurrection.

You could also have the Resurrection eggs be a matching game, where you have to match the prop with the scripture. Read the scripture, and let kids pick the object they think it fits with the best.

You can use an old egg carton to store the eggs.

Download the Scriptures for the Resurrection Eggs:

Resurrection Eggs DOWNLOAD HERE

Following are the Bible verses and references I use for our Easter Resurrection eggs. If you’d like, you can get a free printable download of it by subscribing. It is in my Subscriber Freebie Library. I use the King James Version on mine.

Bible Verses and Objects for the Resurrection Eggs

Egg #1 Matthew 26:39, tiny plastic (sacrament) cup -representing the last supper in Jerusalem

Egg #2 Matthew 26:14-15, 3 coins -to represent the pieces of silver Judas Iscariot used to betray Jesus

Egg #3 Matthew 27:1-2, piece of knotted string -representing when the chief priests bound Christ and took him to Pontius Pilate, the governor

Egg #4 Matthew 27:24-26, small piece of soap- representing pilate washing his hands of the blood of Christ

Egg #5 Matthew 27: 28-30, piece of red fabric -representing the scarlet robe placed on him as well as the crown of thorns

Egg #6 Matthew 27: 31-32, small toothpick cross (or make one with a twisty tie), tiny nail -to represent the cross and Jesus’ crucifixion

Egg #7 Matthew 27: 35, pair of dice– representing the guards casting lots for Jesus’ clothes

Egg #8 Matthew 27: 50-51, 54, small bag of crushed rock or soil- representing the earth quake as Jesus died on the cross

Egg #9 Matthew 27: 57-59, square of white cloth or linen- representing the clean linen cloth used to wrap the body of Jesus

Egg #10 Matthew 27:60, 65-66, small stone to represent the stone used to seal entrance of the tomb

Egg #11 Luke 24: 1-3, clove, cinnamon sticks, other spices- to represent the burial spices used

Egg #12 Matthew 28: 6, empty- representing the empty tomb

We are grateful at Easter time and all year round for the Crucifixion of Jesus.  We are all blessed to have forgiveness of sins in our lives!

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    1. After all these years, you are the first person to notice that! I had the wrong reference. It is supposed to be referring to the spices that Mary came to anoint Christ’s body with. It is not mentioned in Matthew, but in Luke & Mark. Thanks for noticing & letting me know! I switched it.

  1. I love doing this every year!thank you for sharing your Ministry and being obedient to the Holy Spirit to share the gift of Christ with others. Was wondering if you had any other hands-on arts and crafts to share the love of Jesus to children I teach a small class with 6 to 8-year-old children and I would like to do something visual like the egg resurrection to show them other ways of understanding christ

  2. I used this idea at our 6th grade faith formation class today and it was a big hit! Due to limited time I used 6 scripture quotes and eggs (the last empty egg being the most impactful). The students received new bibles today and it was a really fun way to help them get comfortable finding specific scripture passages, reading them and then discussing their meaning. Thank you Karen for a brilliant idea!

  3. If the slips of paper go IN the eggs, then the last one really isnt empty, right? Would it be better instead to have a paper that goes with the set, like maybe attached to the top of the egg carton, that has the numbered references? Also, I’m unclear on how to use these as a game. So you hide the eggs, kids find them, you talk about the stuff inside, but does it need to be chronological? So do they have to be found and opened in the right order?

    I’m doing this for an activity for the tween girls at church. I want them to each assemble and take home a set they can use in their own families, but I want to be clear on the process for them. Thanks!

    1. So the last one just will not have an object in it, but will have a slip of paper, yes. If you play it as a game, the kids find them, and then you would open them in chronological order since they are numbered.

      Hope that helps clarify it for you. Have fun!

  4. i love doing this at Easter. As a Senior Pastor it helps get me out of the pulpit and get with kids individually and love them with the story of Christ 1:1…

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