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Learning With Games

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It’s day 3 on our journey of Teaching Creatively from the Schoolhouse Review Crew~Toys, Games & Puzzles
This is one of my favorite topics! We love learning with games in our house.

Since I started homeschooling, my selection of toys and games have drastically changed.  Now, when I purchase a toy, I think not only of the fun my kids will have with it, but of the value or purpose it will serve to develop their minds.  I no longer buy toys that play by themselves.  I like to have toys that require imagination, creativity and involvement from my children.  Learning games are one of our all-time favorite ways to learn in school.  We create a lot of them ourselves, too.  I have done lots of posts in the past of different ways that we play games to learn in our homeschool.  I will share a few of those with you today. . . and more!

hop-scotch math

A fun, simple math game I did with the kids this week is a hop-scotch calculator.  I drew a giant calculator with sidewalk chalk on the back porch.  Then we played math games with it. You can call out math problems and have them jump from number to number solving the problems.  You can also make it into a game where you toss a stone onto a number then create all of the math problems that make that number. Or for more players, have one jump out a problem and another person solve it.  You can do timed math problems, and more.  It was so much fun.  We played on it for a long time!  Even my kindergartner joined in adding ones and two’s.

hands-on learning

I did a post a while back on some of our favorite hands-on Learning Games and Manipulatives.

I also did a post called Learning With Play where I shared some of the other fun, hands-on ways that we like to learn in our homeschool.
hands-on math
This post is all on Math Games.
homeschool learning ideas
This post is all on Language Arts Games.

We also love learning with apps on our iPad. It is really a great way to change things up and make it more fun.  Here is a past post I did on some of the Apps we love. I also created a big list of some of our favorite educational apps here.

I am always looking for more fun educational apps, so if you have any great ones to share PLEASE do in the comments. We will all thank you!

Have fun learning- it is so much better than boring old classrooms & textbooks!

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