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Race to the White House- Presidential Election Game

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We are on the count down to the presidential elections!  I can hardly believe it is so close!  Are you looking for a fun way to teach your kids about the presidential election?  I really wanted to create a fun way to help my kids understand the process.  I made a presidential election game called Race to the White House.


Race to the White House is a circular board game. It has 8 main sections of required or necessary things a presidential candidate must do to become president including: Primary elections, debates, fund raising, choosing a vice president, getting nominated at the national convention, voting in the general election, and getting enough electoral votes.


You must land on each necessary item and check it off on the check list that is included. To win the game, you must get all of the necessary items, roll to get enough electoral votes, and then land on the white house in the center of the board.



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