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Teach Punctuation: A Printable Punctuation Book for Kids

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We got the best book recently and I just have to share it with you, with a fun way to teach along with it, of course!  The book is called Semicolons, Cupcakes and Cucumbers by Steve Newberry and it is all about punctuation, but in the most FUN way! I created a printable punctuation book for kids to author and add their own punctuation.

Punctuation for Kids: Printable Punctuation Book

I received this book for free from Innovation Press in exchange for my post. All thoughts and ideas are my own. 

Punctuation can be such a dry and boring subject to teach to kids, but this book makes it a blast. It is a picture book where the characters are the semicolon, question mark, period, exclamation mark and comma. Everything they say is said with their punctuation.  The story is humorous and had us giggling as we read through it.

Get a little sample of it here:


The printable book I made to go along with this book uses the characters of the book with empty speech bubbles.

creative writing punctuation

There are a few different pages with all of the characters and there are individual pages for each of the punctuation marks to talk on their own or introduce themselves. It also has a punctuation fact sheet describing how each of the marks are to be used.

fun way to teach punctuation

The great thing about this book and the printable activity that goes with it is that it really helps kids learn and understand the different punctuation marks.  It helps them understand better how to use them in their own writing and then practice it in their own printable books. Plus it is just SO darn fun! 🙂

teach punctuation- punctuation book for kids

Are you interested in downloading a copy of this cute little printable punctuation book?

Punctuation Creative writing book for kids

This is a free download!  Sign up below to get access!



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