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Snowflake Sight Words

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I am SO happy to have the Sugar Aunts guest post on my site today. I love these gals and their site so much & have been working with them on Share It Saturday for some time now and they are just great!  Thanks for sharing with us today!
Thanks for having us over today, Teach Beside Me readers!  We are so excited to guest post for Karyn while her family enjoys and gets to know their newest member!  We are big fans of Karyn and all she does here at Teach Beside Me, so guest posting is an honor.  If you are not familiar with us Sugar Aunts, we are three sisters who love to share creative ideas on our blog, Sugar Aunts. 

Snowflake Sight Words

We made these Snowflake Sight Words one wintery day and have been enjoying the new décor in our front window ever since.  The twist on our paper snowflakes is that we practiced a few of Big Sister’s sight words.  Big Sister (age 6) is doing so well with her new reading ability since starting Kindergarten, and I love to add fun twists to learning activities to supplement her homework.
snowflake sight words
We started with coffee filters.  Have you made snowflakes using coffee filters yet?  If not, you have got to try this!  The coffee filter material is perfect for light and feathery paper snowflakes.  Cutting the small shapes from this folded material is perfect for new scissor users and practicing scissor control.
winter learning idea
We folded the coffee filters in half and in half again, ending up with 8 folds.  This coffee filter got a little extra folding love from Baby Girl (age 2).  She just loves to get her hands on any activity we do.  This toddler already loves her crafts!


Once our coffee filter snowflakes were done, we placed them all out on the table.  So pretty!  They would be a great addition to the window at this point…but we went a step further and added a learning component.


I used a blue washable marker to write out some of Big Sister’s sight words in the center of each snowflake.  She had fun trying to figure out what word I was writing on each snowflake.

Next came the fun part!  I filled a spray bottle with a little water and added a few drops of blue food coloring.  A quick shake of the bottle and the color was all mixed up.  Big Sister and Baby Girl got busy spraying each snowflake.  I would call out a word and Big Sister sprayed.  Baby Girl just sprayed!  As the water hit the coffee filters, the letters of the sight words quickly went away, but a nice blue shade remained.  Once all of the coffee filter snowflakes were soaked, we laid them out on cookie drying racks to dry.

Our coffee filters are now decorating the window and look great from the inside and the outside of the house!

Colleen, Leanne, and Erin are three sisters who blog about all things creative!  They love creative play ideas, playful learning, crafts, recipes, party planning, and DIY.  Between theses three sisters, they’ve got 6 kids (with two more on the way!), who are around each other so much…they are more like siblings than cousins! You can see what the Sugar Aunts have been up to at www.sugaraunts.com or follow along on Facebook, Pinterest,Google +,Twitter, and Instagram.

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