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CVC Short O Words Activities

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Today I have another set of CVC word cards and puzzles for you!  This set focuses on short o words. These word activities are perfect for beginning readers, especially kindergarteners.

short O CVC word activities

Included in this printable set are spelling mats and word puzzles for each of the short o words.

If you are new to the concept of a CVC word, it stands for Consonant – Vowel – Consonant. These are the three letter words that we use first when teaching kids to read. They are an important first step in reading because young readers can sound out the short words easily.

I have previously created these packs for the short a, short e,  and short i cvc words.

CVC Short O Word Activities:

This printable pack includes 24 short o cvc word building cards with pictures. It also includes 24 short o cvc word building puzzles for each of the short o words listed below.

letter tiles

We love to use the word building cards with letter tiles like these.

CVC Short O Word List

  • cob
  • mob
  • rob
  • sob
  • dog
  • fog
  • jog
  • hog
  • log
  • cop
  • hop
  • mop
  • pop
  • top
  • cot
  • dot
  • hot
  • jot
  • pot
  • rot
  • box
  • fox
  • pod
  • rod

short o cvc words printable

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