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Presidential Election Lesson Ideas

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If you need some presidential election lesson ideas, I have a great list of resources for you!
presidential election lesson ideas
We are so excited to begin this election year.  The presidential elections are such an exciting and important event to be a part of in our country.  What an honor it is to live in a country where we can be a part of choosing who will lead it for the next four years.
In recent years the elections have gotten much more divided, but it is still critical to understand the process and make informed decisions. Teaching kids the importance of this is critical, too!

My family has been paying very close attention to the process already.  My kids know the names of the Rupublican Presidential candidates- we have watched all of the debates (well, I have) and are learning about the process as it unfolds.  I have been trying to help them understand the importance of being involved.

Another reason I have been so closely involved is for personal reasons.  A close relative of mine is running for president.  Can you imagine?  It has been quite an amazing thing to watch closely.  It all begins tonight in Iowa with the first caucus.  I can’t wait to see the results!

So, since we are so close to it, I decided to turn it into a real learning event for us.  I started looking for some fun resources to use to teach my children more about the election process.  I want them to watch and track the results of the primaries.  I am excited to begin this.

Here’s What I’m Doing for My Presidential Election Lesson:

  • We’ll use this Caucus/Primary Schedule and follow when each of the states throughout the country will have their elections.
  • We’ll put them all onto a blank calendar page to keep track of them.
  • Then, we will track them on a blank US map. I think we’ll color code them depending on the dates- since lots of states are on the same dates, we’ll color the states in depending on the date.
  • Along with it, we’ll track the winners of each state.
  • On election night we’ll have a big map to color showing who wins each state. C-Span Classroom gives these out for free.

presidential election lesson

A Few More Resources for a Presidential Election Lesson:

Presidential Election Voting Lesson for Kids

Race to the White House- Presidential Election Game


Another post on my blog about the Presidential election & some great resources for studying it.

PBS has an election collection for educators on their website.

Education World has several lesson plans about the Presidential Primaries. Plus some great ideas for the general elections, too.

Youth Leadership Initiative has a lesson plan as well that has some great info.

We love PragerU’s kids section. They have some awesome educational videos on the elections!

Be sure to be involved in this great process.  Teach your kids about it.  Get out & vote for whoever you feel strongly about.  What a great country we live in!!

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