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Melted Crayon Painting Art for Kids

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We tried a VERY fun art project recently, melted crayon painting.   Painting with crayons?  Yes! We painted with crayons on our griddle.  When you heat up the griddle, the crayons melt and swirl all over the paper.   It was so much fun.  I was really enjoying doing it right along with my kids.

melted crayon painting

How to Do Melted Crayon Painting

To do this melted crayon craft project, you will need just a few supplies: an electric griddle, aluminum foil, and crayons.

Cover your electric griddle with foil.  I secured it with a little tape on the plastic edges to make sure it stayed put.  Heat it up- I think I heated it up to around 275-300 degrees.  You’ll be able to tell if it is too hot because it’ll start smoking a little.

Peel some old broken crayon chunks- you now we’ve all got them! If you have kids, you have broken crayons. (Here is another broken crayon project: Jumbo Crayon Solar System Model)

broken crayons for melted crayon painting

Put a couple of pieces of paper on your electric griddle.   Start coloring on the paper with your crayons. You just need to press lightly and it will start to melt.

Swirl together colors to make an amazing work of art.  They really are beautiful and so colorful.

Caution: Make sure your kids know that the griddle is very hot!  So, this art project is probably best done with kids who are a little older and can understand not to touch the hot parts!  Adult supervision is also important for this project.

melted crayon art
Check out the finished works of melted crayon painting art!
melted crayon art

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