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Sight Word & Spelling Fun

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Are you looking for some great sight word and spelling fun?  Making learning more hands-on is a wonderful way to help the learning stick in children’s minds.
Following are just a few of the fun ways we have practiced our sight words & spelling words lately.

Spelling Fun with Paper Dolls

Spelling Paper Dolls
Make some cute spelling paper dolls!  This is fun and simple to do.  Just cut out some paper dolls and make some little dresses for them. On the dresses you can write your spelling words.

Play a Game of Spelling Twister!
Put your spelling and sight words right onto the Twister board. Write them on cards and stick them on with a piece of masking tape.

You play the Twister game like normal by spinning and choosing a color and a hand or foot.  But, you have to read the word when you put your hand or foot on it!  This one was truly a blast!

 Spelling Game with Twister

Beaded Spelling Words
Up next is lacing your spelling words on pipe cleaners with some big alphabet beads. We LOVE these alphabet beads a lot!!  This is simple and can be done often and easily. These are some sight word cards I found some time ago. But, you can do this with any sight words or spelling words.

letter bead spelling

Stamp your Spelling Words.
To do this spelling activity, just use a regular set of alphabet stamps and a stamp pad. Say the word and they stamp it out. For some reason, this is just WAY more fun than writing it.  We do this one often.

Glitter Spelling Words
Write the spelling words in glue then glitterize them!!  My daughter especially enjoyed this one!  I’m sure you know the mess risks of using glitter already. 😉

Eat Your Words
Spell the words with alphabet crackers!  You can find cookies or crackers with letters on them! This one is always a huge hit with my kids. Sometimes it is tricky to find all of the letters because they get eaten!

That is a whole lot of sight word and spelling fun!  I hope you found an activity or two that will work for your little learners!

Also, check out my Spell for Your Life printable game! Also see my Fishing for Words and Spelling Egg Hunt posts!

spell for your life

spelling egg hunt

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