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Flexible Straw Shape Building: STEM Play

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I discovered a new and cheap building supply that is perfect for STEM engineering and math / geometry lessons.  It is just a few dollars and you can make some cool things with it.  We did some super fun flexible straw shape building!  Check it out!!

Flexible Straw Shape Building

Want to do some of your own flexible straw shape building?

All you need is a box of flexible straws, some tape and scissors. You may already have ALL of those supplies!

I cut the straws by measuring the short end from the bendy part and cutting the long end the same length. Does that make sense?  Here is a picture to describe what I mean…

cutting flexible straw shapes

Once they are cut, you just put one straw inside of the other and add a little piece of tape to secure it together. You have to kind of fold the end of the straw a little to get it to fit inside of the other one.

straw shape building

Make the shapes figures in varying sizes and then there are new options of what shapes you can create with them. You can bend them into all kinds of shapes.

straw shape building

The more straws you add to the creation, the more fun you can have!

The biggest one was the kids favorite to play with, of course!

flexi-straw shapes

Now, watch it all in action in this little video clip:


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  1. Dear Friend,
    I go to Borneo every year to encourage a small village school. The teacher is asking for a STEM Display. Could I use your ideas to make up a display? What would you suggest.
    Thank you, retired teacher

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