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George Washington Carver Teaching Unit

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This year for history, my kids have all been using the Beautiful Feet History curriculum and I am completely in love with it. You can read my initial review on it here. Recently, my son has been reading a book of poems by George Washington Carver for his history lesson. So, I wanted to expand on that and give you a little George Washington Carver mini teaching unit. I also want to show you how we have been using our Beautiful Feet curriculum in our homeschool!   (This is a post sponsored by Beautiful Feet. I am being compensated for my time in writing this post, but al thoughts are my own.)

The book that inspired this post is called Carver: A Life in Poems by Marilyn Nelson. It is included in the Modern American and World History set by Beautiful Feet for 5th-8th grade students. This has been our favorite year for history yet! You can use this little unit to expand on

Along with this awesome book of poems, our favorites have been The Perilous Road and Across Five Aprils. Both are about boys living during the time of the Civil War.  Also, we found The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglas very interesting.

I have been reading the books right along with my son this year because every time he has finished a book he says: “Mom that was so good! You have got to read it!”  I love it when my kids say things like that! I also love reading the books they are reading so we can discuss it after.

Reading literature to study a period of history is my absolute favorite way to learn about it. It makes it so much more personal when you are reading stories of people who lived through it and told their tales. While some of these are fiction, they are based on actual events and journals of those who are real. It is so much better than any text book learning you could ever do!


George Washington Carver Teaching Unit

One thing that the literature of Beautiful Feet has helped us do is want to learn more about the people we are reading about. In particular George Washington Carver. We loved reading Carver’s book of poems from his life. It really made him come to life for us. He was such an impressive man.  I decided to take a few excerpts from the book and make printable cards of 12 of his poems so we could memorize some of them as a family. They are a wonderful glimpse into his life and the work that he did. We love studying poets, and have been learning more about him the past month inspired by this book.

These printable poem cards are in the set I created. Also included in the unit, is a timeline that you can use to fill in the details of his life and a graphic for brainstorming different ways to use a peanut!

If you are interested in downloading this unit, it is available in my shop!

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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog, such a wealth of teaching inspiration! Gearge Washington Carver was truly an incredible man. Did you know he was an avid crocheter too? He liked to make doilies:)

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