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Free Addition Chart Printable Worksheets 1-12

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Looking for some free addition chart printable worksheets?

Addition charts are a wonderful way to help kids learn their addition facts. The addition facts chart shows the addition math problems for numbers 1-12.   This is a great way to help kids learn solve their basic addition facts. They can practice adding single-digit numbers as well as some of the double-digit numbers.

We are big fans of any fun tools to help make learning math easier.  These charts help kids to visualize addition equations and find different patterns in the numbers. Finding patterns in numbers will definitely help kids with their addition skills!

printable addition charts

How the Addition Chart Works:

If you are new to addition table charts, it is a grid that helps kids find the sum of various addition problems.  The top row shows one of the addends, and the side row shows the other. You follow the rows and bring the first number and second number together to find the sum.  These charts can be used in place of flash cards to practice math facts.

Math Poster & Math Worksheets

These addition chart printables have a double use!  You can hang these free printable addition tables up in your classroom as a visual aid, or use them for a math lesson on addition.

Grab these free printable addition charts now!

Download the PDF file of the Addition Charts here. 


What’s Included in This File:

  • There are five different colors of these free addition charts: blue, pink, green, yellow and rainbow.
  • Also included is one black and white version of the addition chart.
  • There is one blank addition chart.  The blank table can be used for young learner to practice their math skills!
  • Finally there is one addition chart that has some of the numbers filled in. The fill-in-the-blank addition table chart can be great tool to learn and practice addition problems. Laminate it or put it in a page protector for multiple uses.

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