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Number Multiples: Multiplication Helpers

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When kids are learning multiplication, they usually need some extra practice and drilling for it to really sink in. That’s why I created these number multiples to help my daughter and son really solidify their multiplication facts. These multiplication helpers are a great visual to help kids see the multiples of each number from 1 through 10.

multiplication helpers- number multiples

This printable set includes numbers from one through ten and inside each number are the multiples of that number through ten. I also made two fill in pages for kids to fill in the missing numbers or write in the entire chart with the multiplication facts for each one.

multiples and multiplication, skip counting

This is a fabulous way to practice multiples, skip counting and multiplication.  We printed, laminated and put our cards on a ring fastener to make them durable and reusable for my kids. They can use them as a reference when they need help with a certain multiplication fact.

Watch it in action here:

Here is another close up of the multiples of the number 8.

teaching multiplication


Want even more multiplication teaching ideas?

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