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Non-Toxic Static Slime

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Static slime?!  YES!  This non-toxic slime will actually react to electric charges and move towards an electrically charged object! It’s the coolest!  This static slime is a fully edible slime, but not really tasty.

Static Slime Experiment - Non Toxic

This slime is thin and not the same kind that you can knead and mold.  It is very runny, but great fun to experiment with.

Supplies to Make Static Slime


Mix together the cornstarch and oil. Those are the only ingredients! It’s a completely non-toxic slime and taste safe. (But it would not really taste very good. Some kids just can’t seem to resist!)

You want the mixture to be a thick drizzling consistency. You may want to add extra cornstarch to thicken it. Refrigerate. It works better when cold!  

non-toxic static slime

Blow up a balloon and rub it on your head to create some static. Hold the balloon near the bowl of slime and, using a spoon, pour it out slowly. The slime will be attracted to the balloon. Keep in the refrigerator in a sealed container for a few days.

static electricity slime

We were completely fascinated by it!  Notice how some of them got these little balls at the end as they were drawn towards the balloon. So cool!  It happens quickly, so we kept rinsing off the balloon and trying again and again. My kids loved this. This is perfect for any electricity experiments.

static slime experiment

What’s the Science Behind the Static Slime?

When the cornstarch particles get near to the positively charged balloon, the positive particles will be attracted to it. Since the particles are in a liquid and cannot escape, they attract together making a more solid stream of slime.

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