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Middle School Supply List for Back-to-School

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What do middle schoolers need for back-to-school?  If you are looking for a middle school supply list, you are in the right place!

middle school supply list for back to school

When it comes to middle school supply lists, it will vary a lot depending on the teachers your child has.  But there will always be some basic school supplies that every middle schooler will need.  After they attend their first day, they will likely come home with some more specific supplies and instructions from each teacher.

Middle school is an exciting time for kids. Middle school is typically grades 6-8, but there are Junior high schools that are grades 7-9 as well. My third child is middle-school aged this year.

Middle schoolers are growing up, going to new schools, and attending a variety of classes, and switching classrooms.  They care more about what is popular and trendy. It’s a time when kids are really figuring out who they are and what they want to be. They will likely need and want to purchase a few more supplies than they did in elementary school. Let them express themselves and their personalities during these years!

Here is a middle school supply list of essentials to pack, plus a few extra bonus supplies. You can print out this list to take with you school shopping if needed. It’s always nice to come somewhat prepared on the first day of school.

Middle School Supply List for Back-to-School

Pencils– This is an absolute must!  It’s definitely frustrating as a teacher when students do not at least come prepared with pencils!

Pencil pouch– one of these is nice to keep in their backpack or notebook. It helps cantina all of these supplies they will need. It will keep their pencils nice, and helps them to know they always have what they need.

Erasers– always important!  Kids like cute shaped erasers these days, but the big pink one is always most practical.

Three-Ring Binders– This will be a must have. Their teachers may want them to have one for each class. Or, they may be able to have one large one with dividers.

Folders with Pockets– paper or plastic folders with prongs and pockets come in handy for their various classes.

Ball Point Pens– some teachers will want them to write in pen, and some in pencil.

Spiral Notebooks or composition notebooks- always good to have for note taking.

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper– typically they will need college-ruled paper at this age.

Combination Lock for Lockers– the schools may provide this. It will vary depending on schools you attend.

Highlighters– great for highlighting textbooks if they are allowed, or for highlighting key points in their notes.

Pencil sharpener– a small one is nice to keep on hand, just make sure it works well.

Ruler– good for many purposes.  The ones that clip into a notebook are convenient.

Protractor & Compass- depending on which math they are taking

Backpack– strong with padded straps. They will start carrying around much bigger books this year. Make sure their bag has a little support.

Lunch Box or Bag- if your kids plan to pack lunches, a good sturdy bag is good to have.

Calculator– they may need a specific kind depending on what math class they are taking. Have them see what their teachers suggests before purchasing.

Laptop- it’s not likley your students will need a laptop in class, but they may need one at home to do their homework.

Extra Middle School Supplies:

Locker Organizers and Mirrors– these are nice to have, but not essential.

Markers– a few markers in their backpack might be used a lot, but also probably not an essential.

Colored Pencils– probably these are not an essential to bring to school, but may come in handy for color coding their notes.

Crayons- hey may be needed from time to time for projects.

Glue sticks- again, not likely needed on a daily basis in class, but good to have at home.

Scissors– these are always helpful to have. But probably best kept at home.

Three-hole punch & a single hole punch- a single hole punch may be handy to have in their backpack, and they make some neat three hole punches that clip into binders now. But most teachers will have these in their classroom, too.

Colored paper or construction paper- may need these for various class projects

These are all nice to have supplies, but definitely not essential for the typical middle school day. If your child is one who likes to be prepared for everything, these will come in handy at school. But likely just having them all at home will be just fine.

What other middle school supplies are you planning to stock up on?  What are the trendy essentials your kids are begging for this year?

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