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Printable License Plate Game

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This free printable license plate game is a fun way to keep your whole family entertained on your next road trip or family vacation.  Look no further!

This is a classic road trip game that we all played on our own family road trips growing up. I’ve made it into a simple little printable that you can bring along in the car. This fun game will keep kids occupied for hours, so it’s great for a long road trip. It will also help them learn the names of the 50 different states of the United States.

printable license plate game

Free Printable License Plate Game

New to the road trip License Plate Game?  Well you are in for a treat! Here are the instructions to play.

Start by printing out a copy of my printable license plate game HERE. This is a PDF file that you can download immediately.

Clip the paper onto a clipboard, or have another hard surface like a book to use in the car for marking your paper. Make sure to pack a pen, pencil, colored pencils, or whatever you’d like to use.  While driving along the freeway or around town, mark off each of the different license plates as you see them.

Tips: The parking lots at a rest stop or a gas station are often gold mines! Trucks are also great to watch out for because they are from all over the country.

You can color the license plates in to look like the state plates that you see, or just x them off. There’s no right or wrong way. Be creative if you’d like.

The license plate game can be played as a competition between another family member or all alone. If doing it as a competition, you only get to mark the license plates you find first. The first one to find all of the US states wins.

Turn it into a geography teaching activity by having them fill in the state abbreviations and state capitals as they find them. This is a great way to sneak in some extra learning without them really noticing!

Finding the state license plates has long been one of my favorite road trip games to play with my kids, and I’m sure your kids will love it to! So print it out for your next family road trip today! Older kids and adults enjoy this classic game, too.

Road Trip Fun

Here’s another fun road trip game you can play with no supplies.  We just call it the alphabet game. You work together with your whole family to find a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet as you are driving.  You have to find them in alphabetical order. This is great to entertain kids on a long car trip or even for short trips around town.

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